Ugh… they’re back. It’s not really that they are NIGHTMARES so much as just very vivid and intense dreams. They’re keeping me from getting a good nights sleep, and I’m totally over it right now. lol. I don’t think I’ve slept a full night with out interruption in like three weeks. Well aside from the night Kevin brought me some maraschino cherries. And I don’t mean like the nonalcoholic kind you put on ice cream. The REAL deal. Well sort of the real deal. They were marinated in Moonshine instead of their own fermented juices, but the concept was the same. They were delicious cherries soaked to the gills with alcohol. lol. I ate two of those and slept like a log. But I’m trying very hard to stay away from self medicating with any sort of substance, especially alcohol.

I’ve never relied on it before throughout everything else that’s happened in my life and I’m not about to start now. I mean yeah, there are days where I just need a drink, but it’s always just one hard drink or two beers. I don’t get drunk, but it really does take the edge off some days. It’s just a very slippery slope which I am acutely aware of. lol. For all I know that could be the reason I’m having such vivid dreams honestly lol.

I only have two reoccurring dreams, and they kind of relate to each other. One, I’ve found myself in a fight to the death, and the other is relating to the funeral. Don’t ask me why I was invited to the funeral of the guy I had to kill, it’s my subconscious. They don’t pop up very often, but once they do they tend to stick around. Most recently I’ve been stuffed in a car with a bunch of other people driving through the desert looking for someone. Who the other people are, and who the some one we’re looking for is, I have no idea. It’s all blurry. Kind of like you know what you’re doing in your dream, but when your consciousness kicks in trying to make it all logical you’re lost? That’s what my desert dreams are about.

Sort of in the same vein of the desert dream, I also have a dream about driving through the mountains in the rain trying to get somewhere with Kevin. We always pull off at this truck stop/gas station which gets held up and then the rest of the dream is me negotiating with these criminals and trying to get everyone else out.

I’ve been scouring Dream Moods looking into their suggested interpretation of all of this, and nothing I’ve found really makes any sense at all. It does give me a starting point to sort of self analyze, but it’s not really helping.

Anyway… Nora is starting to toddle all over the place and get into absolutely everything in the living room. lol. She is currently throwing dvd’s at the dogs so I better go tend to that. lol. Until later Bloggies. 🙂