Taking A Break

Well Bloggies, I’ve just been informed that the rest of my November is completely booked to the MAX. Because of the holidays and my article, and everything else happening in the upcoming weeks, my deadline for NaNo has been SERIOUSLY pushed up. Like I’ve got to attempt to finish my word count by next Friday. lol. Seeing as how I’m just under half way there, and it’s only been seven days I forsee that challenge being completely doable, it just means I have to shuffle some priorities around.

I’m going to be taking a break from the blogosphere for a while to focus on NaNo, and my other therapy assignments. Since I’ve been kind of stressed out I figured I’d pop in and explain before I just fell of the face of the Earth. lol. I’m okay, I just have more important things to tend to right now. 

I’m taking the time this evening to schedule some of my favorite posts, and maybe get a guest blogger or two in here just to keep things lively, especially since so many of you have just recently joined us in the House of Hale. I haven’t really decided yet. 

I’ll be back soon Bloggies! 🙂 

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