Tricks and Treats

Nora had an absolute ball last night playing and being one of the “big kids” trick or treating. We didn’t go very far and she only ended up with mini crunch bar and a bag of cookies, but she was ecstatic. Lol she also experienced her first taste of candy. I’ve given her sweets before, but last night she had her first mini bag of m&ms and she rolled circles around the living room for hours trying to burn off all of her sugar energy. It was adorable. Lol.

Today my parents came up yo watch Nora for a while so Kevin and I can have an evening out. We realized the other day that we hadn’t done anything just the two of us since our anniversary in March. Lol. We spend most weekends together, but only doing the mundane chores and grocery shopping. We VERY rarely go do anything fun. Actually we were discussing that last night too. We’ve never been on an actual date. Lol. Kevin was a regular customer of a local diner where I happened to work, and when he lost his job and didn’t have anywhere to live I offered a spare bedroom to him. That’s how our entire relationship started.

I guess that could be the reason the sort of “romantic spark” is missing from our relationship. We never had one to start with. It was a complete whirl wind deal. One day we were friends, and the next day we were moving to Ohio, engaged, married and pregnant. All within less than a year. We had known each other for several years before he moved into my spare room, but really we weren’t more than friends until right before we briefly moved to Ohio. After a few months of living in Ohio when Kevin returned to Indiana for a job opportunity, suddenly we were engaged and getting married. We got engaged in January, married in March, and pregnant in December. Lol. So REALLY we didn’t get any time to date and see if we were compatible. Lol. Oops.

And now we wonder why we’ve hit a snag? Oh… Well then. Guess it’s no ones fault but our own huh? At any rate… We’re kind of starting from scratch here. Trying to make time for just us and to get to know each other better. I think once we do that all of our other superficial “problems” will solve themselves. We just got a wee bit hasty.

Ooooo Kevin is ready to go, so I’ll say goodbye for now Bloggies. 🙂