Happy NaNoWriMo!!

Wee!! It’s November, the start of yet another glorious National Novel Writing Month. This year I’m off to a really strong start. I mean it gets easier every time I throw myself into it, plus I’m taking quite a different approach to it this year. So far so good! The writing plan I’ve drawn out should have me reaching the 50,000 word count by November 25th leaving me just enough time to get everything squared away before the First Annual House of Hale Thanksgiving. Or, if things keep going the way they’re going now I’ll be finished by the fifteenth and have LOADS of time to devote toward other things. lol. I’m sincerely not counting on that at all.

I do feel kind of… I don’t know, obligated maybe? To put out this little disclaimer here. Where I’m going this month in terms of creativity is kind of dark and scary. My mind goes some pretty wacky places in the heat of the creative moment, and many posts here or on my FB page will reflect that. You’ll get a little extra dose of Kelli’s Insanity basically lol. I just want to clearly state here and now that while my muses may take me some strange places mentally and emotionally, I’m one hundred percent okay and still very much in control of my mental faculties.

If I wander of into a tangent of depression, or rage, lust, bitterness, whatever might scare the pants of my friends and family followers, don’t panic. lol. Part of what makes me such a captivating writer is the fact that I am very much in tune with the darker side of life. I don’t live there myself any more, but I know how it works and how to tap into that part of myself. On the other side of the coin, I also know very well the things that make life absolutely beautiful. Happiness, joy, love, all of that. There will be smatterings of both in the next few weeks all over my cyber life. It’s all for NaNo unless I denote other wise.

Anyway…. back to the grindstone. lol. Until later Bloggies! 🙂  

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