Sleep, SLEEP

Bloggies, all I have been doing this week is sleeping. I get up, stir around with Nora, she goes down for her nap, and I’m right behind her. I’m not sure what’s going on. Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe I’ve just turned into a lazy lump. I  start doing some chores and half way in I’m nodding off asleep. Doesn’t matter what it is that I’m doing. lol.

It’s taken me all day, but today I’ve put the finishing touches on my outfit for Halloween. Nora’s still a little young to actually go trick or treating proper, but we’re dressing her up in an adorable little Batgirl costume my sister got for her birthday, and taking her over to Kevin’s dad’s place. You absolutely can NOT have Batgirl with out a trusty side kick, so I’ve rummaged through my closet all week and complied a pretty awesome Robin ensemble. I went out today and bought a bright yellow tee shirt, and a mask but everything else I needed, I already had. It’s coming together quite nicely. Of COURSE there will be pictures posted later.

I’m kind of excited. I know I said that we wouldn’t be doing any of that traditional Halloween stuff, but because of the rainy weather all of my plans for Harvest Cookie Parties got moved back to Saturday, and Kevin did take the evening off so I figured we should at least do something. I was TRYING to convince Kevin that all of us should go as members of the Justice League, but he wasn’t really a fan of that idea. lol. I don’t think he’s actually going to pull out any sort of costume actually. Which I’m okay with. Really I just want pictures of me and Nora. lol. We could do that any day of the year. I just have an excuse to go out in public Friday. lol. Hopefully I’m feeling better by then.

Until later Bloggies. 🙂