The Little Things

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I have been waiting over a year for this, but my absolute FAVORITE shower gel arrived in the mail yesterday. No, that picture is not my package. I just ordered one bottle, and now I immediately regret it. lol. I’m kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind of a Lush Cosmetics fanwhore… I know, but I have such sensitive skin, and crazy dry scalp/oily hair. These products are the only thing that I’ve found that actually work. They’re a little pricey, but they also last forever. A lot of their products are vegan, and they’re all organic. I’ve never really been a girly brand girl, so when I say they are awesome, they are totally awesome. lol.

ANYWAY… there is an actual point to this post aside from free advertising for Lush. lol. Twilight has become my favorite product because of it’s intoxicating and ultra relaxing Lavender scent. When I was pregnant with Nora and couldn’t drink my relaxation tea or soak in my usual concoction of bath salts, this is the only thing that kept me from blowing a gasket. lol. If ever I have a really stressful or bad day, I just pop a capful of this into my bath and it quite literally melts the cares away. Unfortunately the shower gel is only a limited run, and they’ve already sold out.

Receiving my package yesterday afternoon, and being completely excited over a mere 16oz bottle of soap made me realize how fortunate I am, and how truly amazing it is to be excited over soap. Something so little and trivial that most of us Middle American’s take for granted. Just like the hot water I have to enjoy my soap. All I have to do is turn the handle and with in minutes clean, hot water flows freely. I don’t have to walk several miles with a yoke and two buckets to a cold dirty river. As soon as I get out of the bath, I have an entire closet full of clean, fluffy towels to dry off and more outfits to choose from than I actually need. I don’t have to use the same towel that I’ve used for weeks, and put on the same tired clothes that I took off.

I could sit here and list hundreds of things that I have that are denied to so many others through out the world. It’s not some brand new revelation to me. I’ve always known that I’m much better off than many others, but I rarely take the time to be truly thankful for the things that I have. All of the little things that I take for granted. It’s something else I need to work on in my personal journey to a better me, and it’s something that I’m going to strive to instill in my Little.

No it’s not going to happen over night, but here I am with you as my witness, starting today I’m going to be thankful for the little things. Until later Bloggies. 🙂