Okay, I’m Back

lol wow. After such a whirl wind week here in the House of Hale, I’ve FINALLY gotten enough rest to form complete written thoughts. lol.

The van is drivable. It cost us $300 that we really don’t have right now, but we’ll work something out. At least we have two cars, and really as long as Kevin has OT next week we can pay it off in one lump sum. If not we have a payment plan sort of worked out with my parents who paid for it up front. Mom also washed all my dishes, and made some delicious peppermint mocha cupcakes while she was up here visiting. We were supposed to do some crafting for a holiday Etsy bazar thing, but we never worked our way around to that. lol

I was able to kick back and relax for a bit last night and regroup after all of the insanity. UGH. Things seem to have leveled out anyway, and hopefully next week will be calm, quiet, and noneventful. It’s my own fault really, for complaining about how boring and lonely my life is last weekend. lol. Me, sitting here complaining about how nothing ever happens, and then the world explodes this week past week. I can’t win. 

Erm…. let’s see… really nothing else super exciting happened after Wednesday. Thursday I went back down to the dealership trying to see if we could just sell the van to them and avoid the repair charge. Nora and I sat there for two hours while the sales team attempted to gather all the necessary information on it, only to hear: “Well since the steering column is locked up, we can’t drive it or check the odometer, so…. it’s basically worthless.” AWESOME. It’s not that we really WANTED to sell the van, we just didn’t want to have to eat the cost of the repair. So there was that. It was disappointing and a complete waste of time since I had to drive an hour to get to the dealership and back, in the snow, dragging Nora with me, but compared to everything Wednesday threw at me, it was pretty tame.

Yesterday Kevin left on his first overnight hunting trip. He went with a few guys from work and they rented a cabin somewhere two hours North of Nowheresville. Really close to Lake Michigan, but I don’t know exactly where. So far they’ve seen about six deer all together, but due to various different circumstances they haven’t been able to actually get anything. Honestly, I don’t know if Kevin would be able to kill something. lol. He was in Boy Scouts when he was younger, and he knows HOW to hunt, dress, and all of that other stuff, but he’s never actually killed an animal before. 

It kind of surprised me when he took an interest in it, especially since he is such a kind soul, but he really enjoys going out and sitting alone in the woods regardless if he actually gets anything. lol. It does take up a lot of his weekend time, but the season really isn’t all that long, and since he spends the rest of his time working so I can stay home and write, I figured he deserves a hobby that gets him away for a while. Plus, if he actually gets a deer we’ll save like $500 in groceries over the winter. Yay! Extra money for the holidays! lol.

Anyway… enough of my rambling for today. Nora’s come down with a bit of a tummy bug, and she wants some snuggle time. Until later Bloggies. 🙂