The World Exploded Yesterday

Not literally, but I feel like it did. Let’s start out with the good news: The editor finally got back to me, and I’ll be a legit published author on November 28th!! Yay!! I’ll post more details when it gets a little closer.

Good news number 2: We have phones that actually work in Nowheresville now.

And now the saga of how my wold exploded… It started on Sunday with  getting stuck in a grocery store parking lot for a while due to the van’s steering column locking up. We jiggled it back and forth and eventually got it back in line and started. Didn’t think too much about it since it was the first time it had done that. Thought it was a fluke.

Continuing on with the week we have Monday where all of the crazy lawn mower neighbor stuff happened. That’s really all that went wrong with Monday, again just kind of annoying but didn’t think anything about it.

Tuesday happens, finish documenting the neighbors for their encroachment and then I get a call from Kevin telling me that the battery in the Jeep is completely dead and I will need to come pick him up from work that evening. My phone dies. Well actually it never completely died, but the battery wouldn’t charge on it which in iPhone land means that it will be dead as soon as the battery completely drains. SO. I was on borrowed time with my phone, and started looking around on line at my options. Kevin was tired of our service cutting in and out all the time so we were thinking about switching to a different provider anyway. We just didn’t want to do it RIGHT NOW. Nothing too terrible other than the Jeep dying on us and having to get out in the cold. Nora and I purchased a battery and all was well.

Wednesday: EXPLOSION. Nora and I take Kevin to work, drop him off and wait to see if he can get the batteries switched out. The battery terminals are too corroded so he wasn’t able to get it switched. We made plans for me to pick him up as usual, and since we were already out I decided that Nora and I would go shopping for new phones. The websites are one thing, but if you go to the stores sometimes there are different deals and what nots, we were already out and about for the day and didn’t really have anything better to do. We made it down to the Sprint store, walked around, talked with a sales rep about our options and then decided we were ready to go. I wanted to discuss it with Kevin before I made any purchases. Keep in mind, my phone has been completely shut off at this point. I don’t have anyway to get a hold of anyone, but I decided a quick trip to Indy and back wouldn’t be any cause for concern.

We walk back out to the van, I pop Nora into her car seat, get into my own seat and put the key into the ignition. I attempt to start the car aaaaaaaaaaaaand….. Nope. The steering column had locked again. I tried everything I could think of to get it unlocked and running, but after about forty minutes of making a fool of myself I gave up. Now the dilemma was how to get a hold of people to come get us and figure out what to do with the car. I tried to turn on my old phone like three times before I gave up on that and went back into the Sprint store.

$150 dollars later, I walked out with a working phone, but also a contract that was about $30 a month more than what we were previously paying. Of course I got a new phone, we actually have service in Nowheresville now, and I didn’t really have any choice in the matter. Thankfully they accepted checks, because Kevin forgot to give me the debit card back this morning. It’s not TOO terrible, we just have to budget a little bit more weekly for phones now, and the bill is a once a month bill so it will give us a few dollars to play with each week. I’m sure we can work it out it’s just one thing after another.

So I called my dad hoping that they still had AAA and I could get the van towed somewhere and some one would come pick me up. No AAA, so we called back and forth a few times and eventually worked it out to where I would call a dealership and they would come get the car, then mom would trek all the way over here with info on the van, and to pick Nora and I up and take us home. So we arranged all that.

It’s about 1pm, Nora has been awake since 8am with no nap, and she REALLY needed a clean diaper. Thankfully we were in a shopping plaza and there was a small deli/restaurant just a few spaces away. I needed to wait for the tow truck guy, but I couldn’t make Nora wait any longer. I figured I’d cut into the deli just to use the restroom and then return to the car and wait for the tow truck. No big deal. I hate going into restaurants just to use the restrooms with out buying something, but I didn’t really have much choice, plus after the tow truck arrived I had planned on getting a bite to eat there anyway.

So off we go into the crowed deli, my mind is a million places other than on things right in front of me so I found the restrooms, casually glanced at the sign on the door and walked right in. I got Nora undressed, and almost completely changed before a guy walked into the room. He said: “Oh! I’m sorry.” and walked back out. It really didn’t phase me or strike me as odd at all, until a few moments later the same guy pokes his head back in and gave me a funny look. I turned around to face him, and then it dawned on me. “Am I in the wrong one?” I asked, a smile creeping across my face. The guy answered quietly: “Uh… yes. Yes you are in the wrong one.” With that I started laughing, apologized, finished changing Nora and went back out to the car.

It wasn’t too awfully long before the tow truck arrived, but just because it was the kind of luck I was having he couldn’t get to the van. So we sat there and chatted for about thirty minutes, he tried to fix the steering column, to no avail, and finally after pacing back and forth and trying every possible thing we could think of he started going from business to business to see if people would or could move their cars. It took about forty minutes to find everyone, but eventually he was able to get in and get the van hooked up, so Nora and I returned to the deli to actually order food.

Two hours later mom arrived and we made our way to the dealership where we found out that it was more than likely going to cost $700 to fix the van. The van is barely worth more than $700 SO mom paid for a rental car for us until we can decide what we want to do. Normally coming up with $700 extra dollars wouldn’t be a problem as long as we knew for certain that Kevin would be keeping his OT for x amount of weeks, but there’s no garentee. That combined with our new more expensive phone bill, the holidays, fixing the Jeep if it’s not just the battery acting up, means we’re pretty much broke until Spring when the busy season starts at Hendrickson again.

I would be willing to get a seasonal job to save up some money for a car… IF I had a CAR to get there. Since I don’t… we’ve kind of worked our selves into quite a conundrum. Hence, why my world exploded. Making it even more stressful and annoying, when I switched our phone numbers over to the new plan it deactivated Kevin’s phone. I haven’t been able to relay any of this information to him at ALL today. He’s completely in the dark, and I assume very worried about us. I did call the plant office and leave a message for him explaining as much as I could in a few sentences, but I haven’t actually been able to talk to him at all. I won’t be able to talk to him until we go pick him up at 11pm. I’ve been awake since 8am, Nora has been awake since 8am, she napped for about 20min on the way home from the rental car place, but that’s it. She is going to be SUCH a grump tomorrow, and we won’t even get a chance to relax because we have to go back to the dealership and figure out what we’re going to do about the car. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. AHHH AHH AHHH. That’s how I feel right about now.

Hopefully the rest of you Bloggies, have had a better week than I. Until later.

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  1. Never rains but it pours. Satan loves to put us in a bad way and then squeeze. All you can do is have faith until he gets bored. Hopefully he’s gotten enough amusement out of this round.


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