Waiting… MORE Waiting.

And now we wait… again… for the survey company to call me back about our survey, for the frost to kill the grass so it doesn’t continue to grow and I can leave it shaggy until the surveyor comes out, for the neighbors to either retaliate or back off, the courts to file papers… lol. I wouldn’t be surprised if any of this didn’t even happen until after the holidays. We’re running out of time in October and no one pays attention to anything in November or December other than Holiday stuff. UGH.

I’m also still waiting to hear back about my article. Again, doubtful that it will go anywhere until after the first of next year. You know when all the excitement has worn off and I’ve completely forgotten about it? Yep that’s when it will get published. lol.

In other news, not only did my lawn mower get ruined, but our cars have decided they both wish to die on us. Right now, AT THE SAME TIME. The battery completely died in the Jeep leaving Kevin stranded at work today. I went to Walmart to pick up a battery and on the way there the van starts sputtering, shaking and doing all sorts of weird things. It just wasn’t running right at all. We made it to Walmart, picked up the battery and some fuel system cleaner for the van. It helped, (and we didn’t get stranded so that’s good) but it’s still running really rough. It  needs to be looked at.

Which completely ruins my plans for this weekend. Kevin is going on an overnight hunting trip Friday and Saturday, so Nora and I were going to head down to Ohio for the weekend. Apparently, Kevin doesn’t trust me at home alone with the neighbors… He’s not worried about me getting hurt, he’s worried about me getting arrested. lol. SO… I think my mom is coming up here. Which if Kevin is worried about me getting arrested throwing my mom into the mix isn’t really going to solve anything… lol… but none the less. I think I’m  going to leave Nora with mom and try to get downtown to visit a friend I haven’t seen in ages. If he gets back to me anyway. We keep trying to set up a time and place to get together, but things keep getting in the way or we keep missing communication. I think the last time I saw him was in 2010 at one of Kevin’s concerts? lol. It’s been a while…. Or go Christmas shopping by myself. Something to get me out of the house and away from the neighbors. lol.

Yes… I did just say Christmas shopping. Yes, it’s only October, and no I’m not one of “those” people. It’s just that Kevin has OT unusually late this year so we have some extra cash and I want to take advantage of that. If I wait until normal shopping time we might not have the cash… especially if our cars are about to go kaput on us. lol. So… meh.

Right now I need to continue my cleaning. I’ve gotten it almost all done, there’s just a few more dishes to wash and put away and a few more piles to unpile. Until later Bloggies. 🙂