Crossing the Line

My neighbors have moved from just annoying, to petty vandalism. We’ve been passive aggressively bickering back and forth since we moved into this house (which you can read about here Lawn Wars), but now they’ve crossed the line. The neighbor’s to the North mowed their yard yesterday, and mowed the usual crooked section into our yard. They do it every time they feel the need to mow their grass and we don’t. It’s almost November. The grass is going dormant, and instead of scalping it, I’m leaving it longer before winter. That’s HOW YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR GRASS. At any rate, even leaving it longer it does need a trim, so I put Nora down for a nap, and headed out to mow the yard.

Because our garage has been full of junk we’ve been keeping our mower outside on the back patio. We have a six foot privacy fence with a sturdy latch, so we didn’t think anything of it. I went to unlock the gate and noticed that it was barely latched, which is weird. We also leave the dog out there during the day and we’re really good about keeping it latched. It didn’t immediately concern me, I was more puzzled as to how it got so sloppily latched in the first place. I opened the gate, drug the mower around to the front yard, filled it with gas, and went to start it. I reached for the starter cord, and it wasn’t where it’s supposed to be. I looked all over the place for this thing, thinking maybe it had come off of the loop or something, and noticed that not only was it not where it was supposed to be, but it was GONE. Complete, from the base of the motor GONE.

At that point I put two and two together, RAGED for a moment internally, sent several angry text messages to Kevin, and called the police. I mean, even if it was some one completely random and NOT actually my neighbors, I wanted to have a report on file. Technically that’s all I could do, since I didn’t really have any evidence that it was them other than the fact that they mowed a giant stripe into my yard, and mysteriously a vital piece of my lawn mower is missing. After bickering back and forth with them for almost a year, their kids being disrespectful and throwing trash in my yard, and suddenly this? It would be more likely that it was them than just some random stupid criminal. Especially since whomever did it didn’t actually TAKE the lawn mower or anything else for that matter. Just my starter cable. Because that’s TOTALLY what a random criminal would do.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. So at any rate… the police came out and filed a report, I called a survey company to come mark the property line, and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens after that. I can only hope they try to take me to court and dispute the survey that’s on file with the county, and has been on file with the county since we bought the house in the first place… because then I can sue them for damages, and the money I’m spending out of pocket for the survey in the first place. Of course if they’re resorting to petty vandalism, court is probably the last thing on their mind. *sigh*

Why? Why do I have to live next to these people?