Sweater Pillow

For those who have recently joined The House of Hale, I have an incredible love for all things knitted. Big comfy sweaters, big comfy scarves, knit purses, knit hats, knit mittens… anything you can think of that is knitted with extra soft yarn I am all about it. LOVE me some knitted things, especially those with the classic stripe or chevron pattern.

Today in an effort to keep ourselves sane while Kevin is out hunting Nora and I went on a hunt for throw pillows to tie our living room suite together. We had a quiet lunch, and then started walking to each store in a shopping plaza. Three stores later just when I was about to give up and head home, we spotted it. A two tone grey pillow knitted out of the softest synthetic yarn. PERFECTION. I picked it up and gave it a squeeze (because that’s how you shop for pillows, right?) and to my delight it wasn’t just the most amazing soft yarn, but it was also a FEATHER pillow. 487555 10202208952165821 1693823246 n

It was the perfect Kelli Pillow. Never in the history of pillows could there be a more perfect Kelli Pillow. lol. Even Nora saw it and went: “Oooooooo” lol. Unfortunately there was only one, but I found some other grey pillows that matched enough and we picked those up too. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, especially since you can’t see the rest of the room (which is painted in those shades of grey, the teal is our accent wall) but I absolutely love it. Now to keep the animals away from it lol.

That’s really all we’ve done so far today. I was kind of bummed out this morning since Kevin is going to be gone until who knows when and Sunday is his “sleeping day” before the work week. I won’t really get to see him until next weekend. That, and I had such a great time hanging out with friends yesterday it reminded me how lonely, and boring my life really is. I do it to myself though I guess. I’m sure if I really made an effort I could find a play group or book club or something to do so I wasn’t locked away in the house by myself lol. I just feel like meeting new people is a waste of time. I don’t like the stress of being all polite. lol. I mean if I could go some where and be my rude hot mess self, instead of trying to put on the standard song and dance I would be all over that… but then I’d end up making more enemies than friends and we’d be right back to where we started. lol.

For real though, I know I do it to myself, so I really don’t have much right to complain about it…. I don’t really have the right, but I’m going to anyway. lol. And now… I’m going to log off and finish cleaning. I’ve been putting off dishes for a few days now, and I need something to eat off of tonight. lol. Until later Bloggies. 🙂