Something Old, Something New

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This weekend we spent the majority of our time going through an old storage trailer that Kevin’s family has had forever, and getting Kevin’s hunting equipment up to snuff before he goes out hunting this winter. It was a pretty quiet and uneventful weekend really. We did find a whole bunch of sentimental stuff from Kevin’s childhood which was awesome. Extra awesome because the trailer had been broken into a few years ago and a lot of stuff went missing. 

Although since we found all of this stuff we’ve had to bring it home with us… and now every nook and cranny in the House of Hale is stuffed to the gills. lol. We actually couldn’t take the majority of the boxes into the house at all. They’re either sitting on the back porch or hanging out in our cars. lol. I have never seen so many boxes of loose trading cards, and that’s saying a lot. Toys and collectibles abound right now. We also came away with a few pieces of furniture, and random cookware. We also got the LITERAL House of Hale as you can see in the picture there. lol. It’s a random ceramic trinket box, but since it was a house, and my this is called the House of Hale, Kevin’s mom thought it was appropriate to pass along to us.

In other news, finally put the finishing touches on my article and sent it away for review this morning. It’s been an incredibly complicated, but awesome experience writing it. It didn’t even occur to me that most of the works I cited were on Government websites, that are OF COURSE, non operational right now (thanks Washington) but I managed to find a way around all of that. 

Then there was the fact that I had to limit my word count… WOW did that take up a whole bunch of time that I wasn’t expecting. I mean you would think that I can sit down here and write volumes, coming up with a few hundred words would be easy… nope. Not so much. Personally I think it was harder to stay with in the guidelines of a few hundred words. I have a WHOLE lot to say, so condensing my thoughts while trying to keep them congruent was pretty difficult. 

I think I managed to do it pretty well, but we’ll have to wait and see. lol. This is the first project I’ve taken on since NaNoWriMo that has specific qualifications for my words. I had forgotten how difficult it was to stay in the box so to speak. lol. I love the freedom my blog affords me, but if I want to be more “professional” with my writing I need to head off in a different direction. 

Reaching my full potential and blah blah blah. I’m not really looking to gain anything out of it, but it has been an interesting challenge. So has this whole fore into advertising and expanding my blog audience. I’ve said it before, when I started writing I wasn’t actually looking for a following, it just sort of happened. lol. I don’t really understand the concept of marketing ones self. I never have, but my writing is really something I enjoy and if I want to have the opportunity to stay home and continue doing this even after Nora goes to school I should probably start trying to make some money off this some how. lol. I don’t know. It’s all foreign territory to me so y’know. We’ll see where it goes.

Anyway… my other house hold duties are calling. Until later Bloggies. 🙂