A Collection of Kelli

I’m writing this here because I think it’s important and worth sharing. These are some of my poetry pieces I penned quite a while ago. They’re pretty intense, but there was a lot going on at that point in my life. Just know before you read through them that it’s not how I feel NOW, I’m just sharing them now because I’ve found them. 🙂

The Edge of Insanity

The roseblood conspiracy,

How do you cope with feeling,

Watching, enduring

Your mind shattering?

Crazy, or intuitive?

Slave to Irony, all her

Folly and woes

Falling off the edge of insanity.

No Title

Trapped in the swirling vortex of mediocrity.

Am I holding on too tight?

Trying too hard to reach a goal not meant for me?

Resisting subconsciously the path set before me

Because my mental capacity is not enough

To comprehend what my true purpose

In this forsaken place is?


Sleeping Passion

Awaken this sleeping passion in my soul.

As softly as the cool midnight rain

The power to play my heartstrings

Lays bound in your hands.

Sweet internal rhythm pulsing,

Waxing, waning, swelling, churning

Burst forth with the pale orange glow

In the ocean of an apocalyptic dawn.

Can you feel it?

I’m alive again.

No Title

Memories fade, scars heal

Leaving behind their tumultus reminders

Of things less than beautiful

Sitting in silence, as the autumn wind blows

Listlessly through the tree tops

Words spill forth onto this page.

A storm is on the horizon.

The black bulbous clouds

Billowing in from their journeys across the plains

A cleansing, new beginning is riding

Those menacing clouds

Brought forth only through this

Purging voilence, and distruction.

The sky glows orange in anticipation.


Absolute Horror

This little gem has survived in a random folder allllllllll the way from 2001. It was my final English project in 7th grade. TAKE THAT PEOPLE WHO THINK I’M MAKING THIS WHOLE PTSD THING UP FOR ATTENTION.

When you know more than you should,

It seldom works out for good.

People can’t understand

Your visions of far away lands.

Mind overflowing

In life, nowhere going.


So much in your head

That cannot be read

Thoughts on one thing

Eyes on another

You listen and understand

But you’ll never have a firm hand on people.

Mind so retaining,

Yet no friends are you gaining.




You see past the surface of all,

Good or bad

You’ll make the call

Different in ways people don’t understand

They can’t.

The person inside

Always will you try to hide

Because of misinterpretation

You must start your own operation

Insist you care not


Emotions are nothing more than frustration

Every tear that is shed

All blood that is bled

Is pure frustration





3 thoughts on “A Collection of Kelli

  1. These may be old pieces, but you’re still a far better poet than I ever was. Love Sleepless Passion, and it reminds me a bit of a writer I know I like but can’t think of the name of at the moment. (It’s too early, the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.) But I promise it’s a complimentary comparison!


  2. Also, title one of your future books “A Collection of Kelli”. I don’t know why I enjoy it so much, but I do and I’d totally pick the book of a shelf to see what it’s about. Which would be you. But I’m not biased. 😉


  3. lol. If I was writing under my actual name I totally would… but writing under a pen name I can’t actually title it a collection of “Kelli”… I could however write a collection of ______ I’ll have to mull around on that a bit. lol Thank you. 🙂


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