A Happy/Sad Moment

TOP SCORE. I was rummaging through a box in the garage last night and I found one of my old journals! Unfortunately I had already gone through and torn out most of everything I had written in the Great Purge of 2010. lol There are still a few notes that I can use, and some of my stories from my younger days that I want to incorporate into my memoir collection. Not what I was looking for, but it’s more of a start than I had previously. My handwriting was so clean and neat when I journaled on paper instead of typing! lol.

It’s kind of funny how something so little and insignificant as a scribbled note from a work meeting can bring back so many memories. It was a list of Day Dots and their coordinating times, and portion ratios for new food items. The things that are forever burned into my brain. lol. There were also some phone numbers of coworkers, stores, distributers, and random little quotes or song lyrics that I felt were applicable to the time. Completely useless to anyone right now for anything as the phone numbers are all obsolete, and I don’t plan on returning to Taco Bell anytime in the near future. lol.

It did set me off on a mission to create a playlist of all of the music I listened to from like 2000-2005 to sort of set the stage and try to pull out those stubborn little memories There’s something like 2000 tracks lol. 2000-2005 was kind of my musical discovery phase so there’s a little bit of everything thrown in there. It was really hard not to pick songs or albums that I associate with 2005-2009, but I think I’ve managed to skirt around most of them anyway.

I also found a whole bunch of pictures in my journal that I thought I had thrown away years ago. I actually had to laugh at them, as I’ve been throwing away mementos that I stashed places for safe keeping which I completely forgot about for YEARS lol. Such is the curse of the pack rat. It was a happy/sad moment. I mean it felt good to find them, laugh, and go on about my business with out having a mental break down. But throwing them away kind of… I don’t know. It was weird getting rid of them not being pissed off. lol. Everything else I smashed or tore up into a million pieces and set on fire. Just tossing it in the trash and walking away was kind of weird.

I guess it’s kind of a testament to how far I’ve come here in these past few months, so there was a big feeling of relief and… pride actually. I was proud of myself for not letting something completely trivial and random get the best of me like it has in the past. Whoo! Three cheers for progress! I also found a whole bunch of old love letters I wrote, but was too chicken to give to Kevin. lol. I’ll have to share them with him when he gets home.

See? This is why I write things down, and switched to blogging. I have practically a million old notebooks and journals scattered all over this house all with little glimpses into my life at the moment where I paused to write something down. With blogging I can type something up and it’s all organized on my hard drive, and a server somewhere. Easy to access, and hard to lose.

Anyway… I need to go actually do housework now that I’ve wasted practically an entire day flipping through my notebooks. Until later Bloggies. šŸ™‚

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