Extra Adorable

My Little is being extra adorable today. She is being very snuggly and giving me lots of “kisses.” Basically her kisses consist of her pressing her entire face into my cheek and going MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, then giggling up a storm. She has also spent the duration of the afternoon putting cereal into the shapes from her shape sorter, then “drinking” it by tipping the shape back up into her mouth. Kix go in the triangle, and Chex go into the square.

I introduced her to a spoon this afternoon during lunch. I wrapped her hand around it, showed her how to scoop up her mac and cheese, and put the first bite in her mouth. She looked at the spoon when I sat back, then looked at me. I told her: “Go a head. Use your spoon and eat your lunch.” She took three bites with the spoon, looked at me again, then tossed the spoon across the kitchen and dove in with her hands. lol. As long as she understands the concept and mechanics of table ware I’m not going to worry about making her use it just yet. She knows what it’s used for, and how to use it, but the look on her face said: “Mom, why would I waste my time with this spoon that only one noodle fits on when I can pick up four noodles with my hands?” She is SO smart, sometimes it’s scary lol.

She also figured out how to collapse her pack and play, while standing in it. lol. I needed a mini stroke this morning, you know. lol. It was just the one side so it didn’t completely fold in on her, but it was still scary. I can’t believe she’s strong enough to press the button in, although I guess when you are clinging onto it for dear life with tiny little hands the energy is really concentrated into that one spot. I’ll have to find another solution to keep the puppy from harassing her while she’s playing now I guess.

As soon as she starts walking on her own I can get her a play rug, but right now she’s not quite fast enough to get away from Dixie. lol. Speaking of Dixie and Nora there is a ruckus in the bedroom. I better go see what they’ve gotten themselves into. Until later Bloggies! 🙂