These are my thoughts on the whole Government shut down thing here in the good ol’ US of A. I tacked them on to my post yesterday, but after getting a few good comments I decided it was deserving of it’s own post. 

With this whole Government Shutdown fiasco. Who knows what services will be affected in the long run? If the President is truly just being a brute and going out of his way to inconvenience people as he did in the case of the National Parks and Memorials there’s no telling what he’ll do next. On one hand I can kind of admire him for at least sticking to his convictions, but on the other he sincerely looks like a fool arguing tit for tat and being unwilling to compromise. 

It’s not like the US was the most beloved country in the entire world before all of this, and now we clearly look divided and weak. The longer he continues to be stubborn he tarnishes our national reputation even further. As for the blame game that’s going back and forth between the parties, really. It’s not about who said or did what. As the President, it is Obama’s job to step up and do what’s best over all for the country. Not what he WANTS to do, or what he BELIEVES is best, but what is best OVER ALL. As our leader he should be rising above all of the name calling, and bickering and actively working toward a solution. What my political alignments are really don’t matter. I believe that for ANY President of ANY country. 

It’s disappointing to see the leadership stooping to such low levels, but it’s also exciting to be watching history in the making. All of the things we learned in grade school about checks and balances, and what makes our Government different in the first place in action. They call it a shut down, but really I think this is one of the few times our Government has been working in a very long time.

I feel really bad for all of the people who were sent home with no jobs and no prospects, and I hate to see people struggling to find child care, medical care, and get the support they need with WIC. It is also kind of scary to know that the FDA isn’t inspecting our food supply basically leaving all of these doors open for large out breaks of food borne illness, and any other number of crazy things but, if that’s the way it has to be for people to shift their thinking, than it’s worth it. At this point, I honestly don’t know which direction this country is going to shift. I know where I personally would like to see it go, but I also know that my thoughts and feelings are slipping into the minority. Even if my mindset eeks out a victory in this battle, it won’t last forever. Change is coming for this nation whether Obama brings it or not. It’s sad, but then again it’s what makes this country a great nation. You can’t have one with out the other.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. I still think this is a well thought out post. 🙂 And just to prove people can reach across the aisle, I say this even though you and I have differing opinions on the matter. (I have some serious issues with a group refusing to fund the government because they don’t like a Supreme Court vetted law.) You use your intelligence, think for yourself, and I respect that. More people need to follow that process!


  2. See?? We who have different view points and convictions can talk about this rationally and with out being mean and pointing fingers…. Why can’t the politicians do this???


  3. Because we have too much common sense. 😉 It’s been said that the people who want to be in government are the very same people who shouldn’t be allowed to lead. Aside from a couple notable exceptions, I tend to agree. Case in point: the current mess.


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