Catching Up

Whoo! It’s been quite a hectic week here at The House of Hale. I haven’t had too much to say, or rather I haven’t had the time to say it. lol. 

Nora and I had a great visit in Ohio. She loved the goats and horses at the pumpkin patch farm thing. She wasn’t too sure about the chickens and turkeys, and she was highly offended by the smell of the pig pen. lol. I have some cute pictures that I’ll have to see if I can upload here a little later. I’m planning on getting out the paint and letting her decorate her pumpkin here in a bit when she wakes up from her nap. She loves holding it and hearing the sound it makes when she pats it. It should be interesting to see what she does with the paint. 

A few months ago when we did our first finger painting she was still a little young and not really into it. Now that she’s starting to REALLY grasp the concept of cause and effect it will be fun to see how much paint ends up on the pumpkin vs how much ends up on the kiddo. lol.

Oh…. what else has been going on here in the past few days? Erm…. I went to the gas station last night to pick up a pack of cigarettes for Kevin and discovered that the Jeep needs a new battery. How did I do that? Oh y’know, I left the lights on for two minutes while I was pumping the gas. Finished pumping the gas, hopped back in the Jeep, went to start it and…. RRRrrr…. clickety clickety. Nothing. I turned off the radio and lights hoping that would provide just enough spark to get back to the house at least since it was midnight and Nora was asleep. Nothing. So I reluctantly called Kevin explaining the situation, and he packed up Nora and came to the rescue. 

After all of that, we came home and there was a giant puddle of water on the floor. At first I had thought the dog was making a mess in the kitchen while we weren’t looking so I yelled at her, and put her in her crate for the evening, but then I realized that it was actually WAY too much liquid to come from our puppy and looked at the shape of the puddle. It was coming out from under the refrigerator.  Our ice maker has been broken for a while, but normally that just means that we have a freezer over flowing with ice. lol. I guess something has frozen somewhere it shouldn’t have causing the water to leak out the back of the fridge instead of make the ice. It was an easy fix as all we had to do was shut off the water, but after the whole Jeep battery thing, I was like: Seriously, Murphy? Seriously?

That theme continued through out the entire day today until just about now, actually. lol. I left for my appointment a little early today just because we were up and stirred around. It was a good thing too as I first forgot my assignment folder and had to turn around to get it, then encountered not one but TWO detours on our usual routes. A drive that normally takes twenty minutes turned into quite an hour long adventure. lol. 

After my appointment we normally head to the grocery store, but I forgot to grab my assignment folder, and I also forgot to grab diapers. So instead of being able to go to the store in Indy we had to come all the way back to town to get clean pants for Nora and I didn’t have the time or gas to get back out. We ended up just shopping at the local Walmart instead, which I was honestly dreading at first, but once we arrived it wasn’t so bad. Our Walmart has a worse reputation than most, especially here recently. I think there have been like three or four brawls in the parking lot, and a crazy string of random shop lifters, shop lifting for the sport of it all in the last few weeks. lol. That coupled with the fact that we a recent change in management the shelves are never properly stocked and they’ve quit carrying most things we need. 

They still have the ITEMS we need, but not the brands we prefer. It’s all Great Value this or that. Normally, not opposed to the Great Value brand, but the diapers just don’t work, the tuna is oily and smells like cat food, the produce is all wilted or frozen, and the dry goods are so close to their expiration date we can’t use them before they expire. In a pinch, yes. They do have things available, but when I have the opportunity and choice to shop else where I’m going to take it. 

Especially with this whole Government Shutdown fiasco. Who knows what other services will be affected in the long run? If the President is truly just being a brute and going out of his way to inconvenience people as he did in the case of the National Parks and Memorials there’s no telling what he’ll do next. On one hand I can kind of admire him for at least sticking to his convictions, but on the other he sincerely looks like a fool arguing tit for tat and being unwilling to compromise. 

It’s not like the US was the most beloved country in the entire world before all of this, and now we clearly look divided and weak. The longer he continues to be stubborn he tarnishes our national reputation even further. As for the blame game that’s going back and forth between the parties, really. It’s not about who said or did what. As the President, it is Obama’s job to step up and do what’s best over all for the country. Not what he WANTS to do, or what he BELIEVES is best, but what is best OVER ALL. As our leader he should be rising above all of the name calling, and bickering and actively working toward a solution. What my political alignments are really don’t matter. I believe that for ANY President of ANY country. 

It’s disappointing to see the leadership stooping to such low levels, but it’s also exciting to be watching history in the making. All of the things we learned in grade school about checks and balances, and what makes our Government different in the first place in action. They call it a shut down, but really I think this is one of the few times our Government has been working in a very long time.

I feel really bad for all of the people who were sent home with no jobs and no prospects, and I hate to see people struggling to find child care, medical care, and get the support they need with WIC. It is also kind of scary to know that the FDA isn’t inspecting our food supply basically leaving all of these doors open for large out breaks of food borne illness, and any other number of crazy things but, if that’s the way it has to be for people to shift their thinking, than it’s worth it. At this point, I honestly don’t know which direction this country is going to shift. I know where I personally would like to see it go, but I also know that my thoughts and feelings are slipping into the minority. Even if my mindset eeks out a victory in this battle, it won’t last forever. Change is coming for this nation whether Obama brings it or not. It’s sad, but then again it’s what makes this country a great nation. You can’t have one with out the other.

And I’ve been sitting here writing for like three hours now. lol. I really should go see if Nora is waking up! lol. She hasn’t made a peep and she was really tired but it’s getting late and I want her to sleep tonight. lol. Until later Bloggies! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. That was the best, most well-thought-out response to this whole thing I have heard yet. And thanks for saving me the trouble of saying it!

    Oh, and thanks for taking some of that Murphy stuff. I needed the break.


  2. I do my best to think things out before I post ranty rantness. Sometimes it gets the best of me, but MOST of the time I think things out lol.

    I agree with your assessment of Murphy. lol


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