Mandatory Introduction Post

One of my bestest best writing friends has finally taken the plunge into the world of blogging! Go give her a read, she’s pretty amazing. 🙂

Character vs Reputation


I’m Cari, and by some miracle I’ve survived into my late twenties with minimal damage.  (My mother keeps a running tally of ER trips, and while I’m still in second place, I’m quickly closing in on my older brother’s record.)  Born and raised in the Midwest, I’m still here while pretending attempting to be a successful adult:  holding down a full-time job, paying my bills, pursuing my interests, and maintaining one of those ‘social life’ things that are all the rage these days.  I’m truly lucky to have a circle of amazing friends and a family that, for the most part, I’m willing to be seen with in public.

Whether or not they are willing to be seen with me in public, however, is a coin toss.

But those are just the stats for ‘age/location/job/hey, look, I have friends!’  And they’re not really important, just bragging, the equivalent of…

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