Indigo Pt. 2

Hmm… I’ve been stewing over this for a while. I’ve also been milling all over the place doing countless hours of research into this whole Indigo thing. While I sincerely relate to the characteristics associated with it, I don’t particularly like the way the scientific community completely dismisses it, and the fact that this completely legit theory has been hijacked by mystics and spiritualist. You know being mortal enemies of the scientific community and all, they’ve twisted it into all sorts of things that are WAY out there. If that’s what you believe, than by all means. Continue on believing. Other than the relation to myself and this Indigo thing there will be no judgement. Realize that I’m speaking for MYSELF here, not the population at large.

That being said, allow me to clarify further… PERSONALLY, I do NOT believe that I’m an alien life form sent from the stars to save the human race, nor do I believe that by relating to this thing, that it excuses me from any sort of behavioral disorder. I’ve been tested, and DON’T HAVE any behavioral disorders that are associated with Indigo, which is why I’m more inclined to relate to it as a theory than accepting meds tossed at me. I’m far enough away from “normal” for people to want to medicate me, but I don’t have any symptoms or predispositions toward ADD, ADHD, nor to I fall onto the Autism spectrum. I don’t really have a medical reason to be medicated, it’s just been the go to answer when a defiant odd ball, such as myself, pops up in society. You know, assimilate, conform, blah blah blah.

Indigo is still a relatively new concept which is why there is so much flack from the scientific community. Isn’t that always how it works? The most wacked out theories are always the most strongly opposed, until eventually some one, or something comes along making it the next best thing. So… I’m taking it with a very giant grain of salt. I’m still not really sure that I want to accept/wear the label, but I’m leaving the idea open, and exploring it. Unfortunately nothing positive has been written about it that isn’t wrought with mysticism and very New Age thinking, which I don’t completely agree with for a whole host of reasons that I won’t really go into in this post. Again, if that’s your thing, then that’s your thing. It just isn’t mine.

I guess, if anything truly scientific, Indigo is a different way of thinking and relating to the world more than some sort of “special power”. One article I read pointed out that over 90% of people who call them selves Indigo have been home schooled at one point or through out their entire life, thus removing them from peer pressure and the necessity to conform to standard ideas of thought. I’m more comfortable looking at Indigo from that perspective. I mean it’s true, there have been loads of studies on how we as human beings relate to each other in society, and where our minds go when removed from societal norms. It’s not a disorder, it’s environmental. No one in the scientific community is going to dispute that.

I guess my final thought on the matter is this: It’s still too vague and inconclusive for me to have a well informed opinion on the matter, so while I’m going to keep an open mind and watch for any new research I don’t think I’m going to wear the label.