Relax! Just Relax

You know… I understand that it’s the weekend. People have worked hard all week and they want to enjoy the nice weather by spending time outside working in their yards, or whatever. I myself would LOVE to be able to sit in my back yard enjoying my wind chimes and the warm glow of the fall sun on my face. 

Do you know why I’m inside blogging instead of enjoying the nice weather? My neighbors have decided the ONLY way they can enjoy the weekends are to blast their radio at full volume while being obviously drunk outside from 6pm on Friday night until about 6pm on Sunday. That and the fact that they flipped my nice clean Afghan off of the fence where it was drying after a wash, into the dirt just because they didn’t want to see it? Yes. That’s where I’m at this afternoon.

I mean, yes. I’m glad my neighbors have jobs, and I don’t want to deny them time to relax with their family. I just HATE the fact that their “relaxing” completely ruins all hope of our own relaxation. They take no regard for anyone else and then get all pissed off and defensive when we don’t join them in their drunken shenanigans. You know it’s “our fault” that we would rather enjoy a nice quiet evening behind our fence minding our own business, rather than being loud obnoxious drunks because “we’re too good for them”. 

People… are…. getting on my last nerve today. Part of me wants to find Kevin’s most illegible metal music album and blast it back at them… but it’s only the one neighbors that are annoying and I’m not going to disturb the rest of our neighbors just to be petty… maybe… it depends on how snarky I’m feeling in an hour or so. lol.