A Visit from Murphy

You know I love my bank, over all they’ve been awesome. The customer service is great, and I love the flexibility with fees… BUT why oh why are the policies so inconsistent? 9 times out of 10 if we over spend from checking I can transfer money from savings with out consequence, but that ONE time where they decide to charge me a fee is ALWAYS when I need extra cash to do something nice. You know, like feed the guests that come to Nora’s birthday party, and make a house payment? Thanks. Hope my party guests like spaghetti because that’s what I have in my cupboard. GRRRRRRR!!!

Right when we spend the majority of our savings too. We’ve had money set aside since April which is a big deal for us since we are usually living check to check, and as Kevin was working less and less the balance was dwindling, but it was still there. Right when I go and spend it to pay for our pictures yesterday? FEES!!! Hundreds of dollars in fees completely out of the blue. I can’t really blame the bank entirely because we do have a tendency to play “balance roulette” some times, but this is stupid. MONTHS I’ve been transferring money back and forth between checking and savings with no issues. No fees. The moment the balance in our savings account dips below $100 BAM here they are for no apparent reason, other than to ef up our plans for Nora’s party. 

You know, right when I finally get the bill from insurance for my therapy, the house payment is due, and Kevin has taken a week off to spend time with us cutting his check next week down by like $300. We can totally afford those pointless fees right now. GAH. I can’t even go grocery shopping until tomorrow now when we see how much damage has actually been done. This is EXACTLY what I needed right now. It’s not like things haven’t been stressful enough recently. 

*sigh* Rant over…