You know, you don’t realize how many things you push away to the back of your mind until you go to write them down. There are complete chunks of my life where I can only remember one or two specific events and nothing else. Which I mean I guess is how it’s supposed to work over all… right? It’s just weird to me that I can remember things from years ago in so much detail, but the events that happened most recently are a complete blur. I’ve made it all the way up to Holidays 2007 and now it’s a complete blank. There are teeny little fleeting moments here and there but nothing that I can put into any sort of organized thought. At least right now, I’ve gone through editing 2002 – summer 2007 like four times because I keep remembering more details every time I go through it. lol. I’m sure the words will come. I was just kind of hoping to get this all out of the way as quickly as possible. I guess you can’t really rush healing though so… meh. I’ve got other more important things to worry about this week.

We’re going to Cincinnati tomorrow for a photo session with one of our absolutely FAVORITE photographers Marie at Blue Sparrow Photography. She did our engagement photos, and my maternity photos. Her prices are insanely reasonable for all the work she does and she’s pretty much all around awesome. I really wanted her to do Nora’s newborn session but we didn’t have the money. It was really heart breaking honestly, not to have any professional newborn images of Nora, but my sister did take some really good pictures and our other photographer friend at Kory Turk Photography has taken the time to do three sessions for us completely free of Nora growing up. Really I have more professional photos of this kid than I do photos on my phone. lol. I think it evened out in the long run.

Actually speaking of these photos I need to start my hair dying process and go find a weather appropriate out fit. I had this ultra cute pin up style dress I was going to wear, but I have to layer leggings with it and it’s polyester so yeah. Not going to be wearing that unless I want to end up like a roast chicken. lol. Nora has two absolutely adorable outfits to wear both for our family pictures and her number 1 pictures. Kevin and I? lol Not so much. I don’t want to be all classic matchy matchy, but I would like to at least be color coordinated or something so we don’t look like a hot mess.

Well, thanks to our wonderful genes, Nora and I look like a hot mess pretty much all the time lol. But I at least want to put forth an effort! lol. Anyway… I should probably get working on that. Until later Bloggies! šŸ™‚