People Need to Chill Out

Yesterday and today have been fraught with people in a tizzy taking it out on me by either just being plain rude or reckless. Not even anyone I know!! Complete strangers!!

It started with some guy in line behind me at Target yesterday. He was WAY uncomfortably close to me in line from the moment he placed his few items on the belt, but what really irritated me was the fact that he reached OVER MY SHOULDER to get a candy bar. Like his hand brushed my hair over my shoulder. TOWARDS Nora. If he had touched Nora, or attempted to touch her I would have flipped out on him, but thankfully he didn’t. That was really annoying, but it wasn’t the last thing he did. No, he was standing so close to me by the end of everything I couldn’t even get my cat litter off of the bagging area with out hitting him. So I did. I picked it up and swung it over the side knocking his arm out of the way. He looked at me expecting an apology which he didn’t receive as I walked away.

Then after I dropped Nora off at the sitter, I was at a four way stop. It was my turn to go, so I started through the intersection. Thankfully I was paying attention to another car who was NOT paying attention to me. They basically pulled out in front of me. I had time to stop, but I blew my horn just to alert them to the fact that they nearly caused a wreck and the driver flipped her wrist at me. Like not, the oops I’m sorry wave. No this was a oh chill out, you’re unimportant flip of the wrist. I thought to myself: “Seriously lady? You’re the one not paying attention and almost causing a wreck. Yeah, I’m fine because my car is completely insured and I’m an attentive driver, but YOU need to pay attention.”

I was running about half an hour early all day yesterday so since I had time before my appointment I stopped at Panera to try some of their new Hibiscus tea. It’s AMAZING by the way… still not quite as delicious as the green tea, but very refreshing and different. Anyway, so when I walk in there are two ladies completely engrossed in their conversation, and completely in the way. I stood politely by not really in a hurry, but slightly annoyed that they were in my way. It took them like five minutes to realize they were in my way, and once they did they looked at me like I was the one being rude and inconsiderate. For standing politely out of the way, waiting my turn. That was offensive to them for some reason.

That was all yesterday, but I had other things on my mind and didn’t vent about it until now. lol. TODAY I almost got run off of the road not once, not twice, but THREE different times. People kept veering into my lane! One of them I happen to know is into all sorts of crazy drugs so there’s no telling what she was strung out on at the time, but she just about hit us head on while we were trying to leave our neighborhood. The others were strangers. One was on the phone, but the other must have just fallen asleep at the wheel or something because they over corrected when veering out of my lane and about went into a ditch.

I don’t know what’s going on today, but WOW. I’m glad I’m done running errands… Oh… actually I’m not quite done running errands just yet lol. I have to go get Kevin some iced tea… but anyway. Most of our errands are out of the way for the day, and we survived!! It’s a miracle!! lol.

In other news, some one tried to order a debit card in Kevin’s name but something happened at the post office and it got returned to the bank and promptly destroyed. We would have never known except because “he” ordered a new card his current one was deactivated. He tried to use it yesterday and it was declined, and all sorts of other bills didn’t get paid because they were set to auto pay from his card. That’s what I had to do all day, run around trying to get all those bills paid and transferred into my name since my card was unaffected.

I could do some investigating into the matter, but I don’t have time for it right now. It doesn’t REALLY matter anyway because our bank is awesome and caught it, or our epic fail of a post office actually worked to our advantage lol. Either way it’s a non issue really. Kevin just has to use cash until we can get him a new card.

I took the Dixie to the vet today. I have a really strong love/hate relationship with our vet. They provide awesome care, but with that awesome care comes an excessive price tag. I mean I love little Dixie and I want her to be healthy and live a long happy life which is why I take her to the vet in the first place, but I’m not paying $300 for a new puppy appointment. Yeah. That was my estimate for a new puppy appointment. $300!! I managed to haggle it down to $130 but still. I could have just taken her to a vet in town which is less expensive, but the care is also substandard… so… what do you do right?

Other than all of that nothing much has really been going on. I still haven’t officially decided what I want to do in regards to the publication of my story… Really before I even worry about that I need to finish writing it. lol. Although I’m kind of stuck trying to figure out what I can write. I mean obviously I’m going to write about what happened to me specifically, that’s the point. I’m just trying to figure out how to include a little bit of back story to some other characters to soften the blow and not make them look like complete jerks, because they’re not. I saw a quote this afternoon that made me chuckle as it was so fitting to everything going on recently.




Lol and with that, I think I’m going to sign off for the weekend Bloggies. I know I usually blog daily, but I have way too much to do to the house before Nora’s party. Until Monday Bloggies! 🙂

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  1. First off, I’m glad that you ran into all the people I was EXPECTING to run into after I left work for me, lol. Second, I’ve been debating on the whole “publish it” thing, and I think your quote says it better than I would have. Give Little a birthday hug for us!


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