The Plot Thickens

So I’ve shared my story with my therapist. Like the actual thing I’d written down a few months ago leading into this whole seeking help thing. Her advice to me? Publish it. 

HA! I laughed. Like literally laughed in my session about that. My response: “Sure, so I have to change my name and move again. Right.”

But she was serious. She thinks it will be an amazing tool and help a lot of other women who have gone through some of the things that I’ve gone through. So… I’m once again on the fence. On the one hand writing it down and going over it with her (my therapist) has helped me tremendously and because of my kind and gentle spirit I’d love to be able to extend the same help to others. I’m very comfortable sharing myself with the world (obviously because here I am blogging) and wouldn’t have a second thought about publishing it.

It’s just that what I have to say doesn’t necessarily reflect very well on a lot of other people. Not because they are bad people, but because of bad circumstances. I don’t really want to publish this thing all one sided, but I’m not really sure how to go about it any other way. There are also some special circumstances making anything published with their names and likeness really tricky. I have a vague idea, but I still wouldn’t feel right throwing it out there in public with out knowing the full extent of what may or may not get them into trouble. Finding that out is impossible so… here we are stuck again.

I guess I could exaggerate the truth and turn it into a novel inspired by true events… even that is tricky because people who know me will be able to put the pieces together. I don’t know Bloggies… I just don’t know. I wish everyone involved could just be INVOLVED in the entire project, but it will never happen that way and would probably end up doing more damage than good at this point so… Meh. It’s not even really finished being written just yet so I guess I’m jumping the gun being worried about publication just yet. lol. It was just on my mind and I hadn’t actually taken the time to write anything today. lol.