Triggered Pt 3

My memory is like a steel trap. I blame my time as an intent analyst lol. It doesn’t make dealing with my faulty wiring any easier that’s for sure. Especially when I inadvertently stumbled into a panic attack this morning while innocently browsing the interwebs.  It’s Google’s fault really. 

I’m still going through all of my cyber life and deleting things that I don’t need any more. Things that until recently I had completely forgotten about. (trying to remember passwords for this stuff has been exceptionally fun lol) In order to expedite the process I was searching in Google. Looking for things I had written, or things that had been written about me, photos, blogs, email accounts all of that when I managed to catch some one in a lie. Who the person was, or what lie irrelevant, but it set me off. It was really mild in comparison with everything else the past few months, but it still wasn’t pleasant.

Today, after such a good day yesterday I have a migraine, and just want to curl up in a ball and hide. lol. Although I think the migraine might be because of all the house work I did yesterday. My house has been sadly neglected with all of my mental stuff going on recently. I mean it wasn’t falling apart or caked in dirt, but it wasn’t as nice as I like to have it. Clutter was everywhere and it just looked messy. I managed to correct all of that, paint the living room, and mow the lawn. I was working from like 11am until 9pm, and it was physical work which I haven’t really done a lot of recently either lol. 

I guess today is going to be filled with lots of baby snuggles and rest. I can’t really complain about that! Until later Bloggies! 🙂