Thank You Technology

Oh social media. You make me laugh and cry at the same time… Actually I guess it’s not social media itself so much as it is the apps on my phone. Still cleaning up my profiles and removing any additional/potential drama I went to block a few people this afternoon. It’s nothing personal, I just think it will be easier this way with mutual friends and all of that. I mean this is still public and I don’t really post anything there that I don’t here. You just keep popping up in my search bar every time I enter the letter J and with Nora on my phone and computer I was trying to avoid something awkward happening… But instead of being able to just hit the button and select block like I can from my computer I hit the WRONG button and ended up sending a bunch of unintended friend requests. Once I realized that my phone was sending friend requests instead of blocking people my heart stopped, and then the hysterical laughing ensued.

Seriously, this is how my life works. In my efforts to AVOID things, I ended up doing the exact thing I was NOT wanting to do in the first place. lol. So for those of you who may get mad or freak out, I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to be coy. Do not panic, or call me raging about it. It was just my phone!! Blame Apple for putting the tiny buttons too close together, and have a good laugh at my expense as I am practically dying of embarrassment right now.

In other news, we have officially decided that regardless of our other stuff going on we are still going to try for Baby 2 this year. We thought about it long and hard after my diagnosis, but over all I’ve been coping a lot better in recent weeks. I mean there were a few days where I was really down and not feeling the greatest but over all my mood is greatly improving, and I’m not having as many crazy dreams or random panic attacks. Not as MANY, but still a few here and there. I don’t think tossing pregnancy hormones into the mix will ruin anything… I mean when I was pregnant with Nora I felt the best I had in a long time. It’s like the hormones calm me down instead of getting me all worked up. lol.

Other than that nothing new going on in the House of Hale. Just having a nice relaxing long weekend getting ready for Nora’s party. 🙂 Until later Bloggies.