I have been busy running around trying to get the house in order before Nora’s party, so I really haven’t had too much to write about. I’m still kind of bummy and not really in the greatest of moods either so anything I have written I’ve immediately regretted and unposted because no one wants to read depressing mopey things all the time… Or at least if they do they probably aren’t following my blog… although I’m not sure. lol. I’ve gained quite a few followers in recent months when I’ve been pretty mopey. 

Anyway, Kevin is finishing up the wall in the living room tonight and hopefully we’ll get it painted tomorrow. Aside from the tile in the entry way the living room will be completely finished!! FINALLY finished. After that we just have our bedroom to finish. lol. Although as soon as we finish our bedroom we should have Baby 2 on the way and it will probably be a boy requiring us to redo the room all over again. At least I am sincerely hoping Baby 2 is a boy. Er, will be a boy I guess is the proper term since I’m not pregnant.

I think that will really lower my stress level a lot. Having the house finished I mean. Pregnancy too, but at LEAST having the house finished. lol. I can’t believe it’s already September. This year has just flown by. I guess it makes sense when you spend every waking moment tending to another human being that time gets away from you lol.  Speaking of time getting away from me, I’m sitting here wondering why I’m tired and just now realized it’s 11pm. I guess I should be getting to bed. Until later Bloggies. 🙂