Dogs with Jobs

When we adopted Dixie we knew she was a mix of two sporting/working breeds and would require a lot of training and exercise to be happy, but now that we’ve had her almost a week I’ve noticed she has so much potential to be an AMAZING working dog that I’ve started looking into professional training for her. Not like taking her to a trainer, I’m going to be her handler, but like specific training for a specific job.

We had been toying around with training her as a gun dog since Kevin has taken such an interest in hunting lately, but since we live in town and don’t really have the proper resources we’ve started looking into Search and Rescue. I have experience with obedience training thanks to my involvement in the local 4H chapter when I was younger, but I don’t really know the specifics of SAR training. I actually don’t even know with my PTSD if I could even BE a SAR handler, but right now I’m just getting my feet wet so to speak. If SAR doesn’t work out we could always just do tracking which is basically the same type of training with less dramatic implications.

She needs to do something. To waste her inherited tracking abilities, especially when there are only like 5 SAR dogs in the entire state seems a shame. Plus it will keep her from destroying or trying to escape the yard by keeping her busy, and it will help me get my mind focused and off of my other troubles working with her. It’s a win win really. If none of those options are viable, there is always agility. I’d rather NOT train her for agility because it’s expensive to compete and pay for the training classes, but if it keeps her happy and working at least in some capacity then I guess it’s worth it.

Anyway… lol sitting here writing about her training I’ve lost track of her. I better go see what she’s destroyed or gotten herself into. lol. Until later Bloggies.