Full Capacity

My brain has been on emotional over load this past week and today the only thing I really want to do (other than my responsibilities as a mom) is close my eyes, in a quiet, dark room and rest. I’m taking this as a great sign of improvement that I’ve been able to be open and honest and “feely” for an entire week with out shutting down. That’s a big step for me, especially since all I’ve REALLY wanted to do was go completely catatonic, which has been my previous defense in times of intense stress.

I’ve basically retreated from everyone and everything except the blog and the few people who have my phone number. Even those who have my number are being heavily screened right now. It’s not that I’m angry or depressed, I just need a break, and my brain is not capable of forming cognitive thoughts conducive to conversation right now. Even writing this is taking quite an extraordinary effort. Which is really weird. lol. Normally I can sit down and write novels, but today? lol. I’m surprised I’m at two paragraphs!

Really there isn’t anything else I have to say so… I guess until later Bloggies.