A Little Disappointing

As I write this, it’s hard not to be a little hurt, and a lot disappointed, but… really the only thing I can do is continue onward and upward. I lost a major player in my very tiny support network today, but life will go on. It’s not like I’m completely alone or anything, and really she has to do what’s best for her family before worrying about random acquaintance me. I’m not mad or anything but wow does it sting to have a really inspiring and uplifting conversation one day, and then sever all ties the next no matter how valid or reasonable the circumstances are. 

Meh, on to better happier news WE GOT A PUPPY!! She is a German Pointer Lab Mix and she is absolutely adorable!! Because she’s a cross of hunting breeds we named her Dixie Lou. lol. So far she’s been exceptionally well behaved for 10 weeks old and she LOVES Nora. They are currently running around the living room. Nora is squealing, and Dixie is playfully barking. 

It was kind of a random chance thing as we weren’t planning on getting anything other than a Doberman, but the breeder I was working with still has yet to breed and we really wanted Nora to have a puppy for her birthday so I started looking around on PetFinder.com last night for a few of the other breeds we were considering. I wasn’t expecting to find something so quickly, but when I got a reply to the email I sent asking if she was still available this morning we made an appointment to go meet her. We didn’t want to get our hopes up because a lot of the other “internet” dogs we’ve encountered haven’t exactly been what they were advertised as, but as soon as we saw her and she rambled `for us. lol.

So far she’s been exceptionally well behaved. I mean she’s a ten week old puppy, and she’s very energetic as is the nature of her breed but she has already grasped the concept of the “sit” command and is really getting the hang of going outside to do her business and took to her name like she’d known it her whole life. lol. 

At least she will keep me busy and take my mind off of my troubles. I mean really, there is a very small percentage of things that puppy kisses can’t fix. lol. Until later Bloggies. 🙂