Okay, so I know I said I was taking a break because my mind is a cold medicine ravaged mess right now… but this is too exciting not to share, and since I have an official diagnosis now I can talk about it freely with out fear of back lash.

Yep that’s right. My suspicious were confirmed the reason I get so “stuck” on things is because I have (suffer from? I’m not sure on the correct term here) PTSD. I had my initial visit with my therapist today and it was like the clouds parted, the birds started singing, and everything just made perfect sense. All the answers I have been searching for right there. What was extra nice about it? I’ve had the answers to my problems all along, but up until talking with a professional all the advice I’d been receiving was the exact opposite of what I actually need to do to heal.

It’s going to take a lot of time to retrain my brain, and oh boy is it not going to be easy but it is FIXABLE. Well not entirely. Because of the nature of the disorder it never really goes away, but there are techniques to control the symptoms so much that it functionally goes away. Bonus? Kevin and I get to do this TOGETHER. So not only do I get to repair my faulty wiring, but I get to strengthen my marriage in the process. WINS ON ALL FRONTS. If I wasn’t feeling so bad I would be jumping for joy. lol. 

Anyway… it’s pretty late and I am about to pass out from complete exhaustion. Until later Bloggies. 🙂