The Sickness

My Little officially has a cold. 😦 This is the first time she’s ever been sick even a little bit, and so far other than her being miserable it’s going alright. Her little nose is running like crazy, and her eyes are all red and watery but she’s in pretty good spirits. She only gets minimally frustrated and fussy when she can’t eat or drink because she has to take a break to breathe out of her mouth but other than that it’s pretty easy.  

I was always ultra worried about her getting sick just because I have heard horror stories about how much of a nightmare babies become when they’re feeling under the weather, but it appears I have lucked out once again and Nora is going to be extremely easy. Of course this is only day two of the cold so things could get more frustrating as time goes on… We’ll just have to see I guess. lol.

In other news… not much at all is happening around here so I don’t really have much to write about lol. We’re almost finished with the living room FINALLY, but other than that and the sick Little nothing out of the ordinary to report. Sorry I’m so boring Bloggies. lol