Super Baby


This is how we spent our Saturday night. Lol bonfires, s’mores, and Super Baby. Lol. It was kind of an impromtu thing at Bro and Sis in Law’s place and it was pretty fun. I actually cooked cheddar brats over an open flame which I haven’t done in…. I don’t even remember how long lol. Nora was also balancing and standing up like a champ on her own both scared and mesmerized by the fire.

The weather was just about perfect. Not really chilly but just chilly enough to warrant sweaters and jackets. That little brown and pink sweater is the last little sweater suite Nora has. It’s an 18 month, but at 12 months it fits just about perfectly. They are the most adorable little sweater suites EVER from Old Navy. Nora has like 5 of them lol one for just about every size. They keep her warm and they’re not super bulky so she can wear them in her car seat. I kind of wish they made them in adult sizes because I would totally rock a sweater suite lol

That’s about the most excitement we’ve had in the House of Hale all week honestly. Today we’re working on painting and finishing the living room.

My goal is to have at least that room finished before Nora’s party. Lol speaking of Nora’s party… I have been Pinteresting like a fool for days trying to find the perfect inexpensive decor. I’m pretty sure I found it. The House of Hale is about to be over run with hundreds of glittery nylon butterflies and tulle Pom Poms. Lol. It will keep me occupied for the next month anyway.

We’re planning on having most of the festivities outside depending on weather so really I just need to spruce up the back yard. It’s not like she’s going to remember any of it lol but in my family we only go all out for birthday parties every five years. 1, 5, 10, and 16 are the only ultra extravagant parties Nora will ever have so I’m kicking things off right. I just hope our budget allows for as much awesome as Pinterest has thrown at me. Lol.

Anyway Nora is starting to fuss so I better go get her up and give her breakfast. Until later Bloggies!