Counting Down

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this somewhere on here before, but for those that don’t know back in 07 and 08 I had two miscarriages. It worked out for the best since the guy I was with at the time wasn’t really committed to our relationship, but it still gives me pause anytime I think about planning and trying for Baby 2. When I first found out I was pregnant with Nora I was scared to death to do ANYTHING that might jeopardize my pregnancy. I basically sat at home and did nothing until the magical 13 week appointment. lol. This go around since I’m going to have a toddler running all over the place I won’t really have that luxury, and I’m really nervous about it. 

It’s not going to keep us from trying, but it is this little thought nagging at the back of my mind. Well one of several little nagging thoughts at the back of my mind. My intuition is going haywire here recently. It’s like there’s this little weight just stuck on my chest, and thoughts of impending “doom” keep sweeping through my mind. I say “doom” because it’s not ACTUALLY doom that I’m concerned with because that would be paranoia. lol. I can just tell something is… off, and the longer time goes on the more intense my feelings about it get. 

I guess I’m just going to ignore it and move on with life because I certainly don’t have any time to be worried about some weird little feeling right now. Especially when it’s heading into Birthday Season. Yes here at the House of Hale we have at least one birthday every few weeks until February. lol. On top of all of the holidays and other winter shenanigans. September is Nora, October is Kevin, November is our oldest niece, and Kevin’s mom, December is my dad and Christmas, and January is our youngest niece. lol. It’s all spaced out to where we have a party or other celebration every two weeks making the holidays exceptionally hectic. I guess technically it starts in July with the 4th, my sister’s birthday on the 5th, and we usually take our trips/vacation in July or the early part of August. lol. The only real quiet months around here are May and June. lol. 

I guess that’s just part of life, but it still makes time seem like it flies by so much faster when you are planning things weeks out instead of months out. Speaking of planning I should probably get on the whole birthday party thing. I mean it’s number 1 so it’s not going to be a HUGE affair, but it is still pretty important. Mostly for me and Kevin, but y’know lol. And now my Little has ran off with my phone. lol. I better go catch her before she starts calling people or something crazy like that. Until later Bloggies! 🙂