Buy My Useless Extra Stuff

Oh garage sales. It’s actually really hard work putting everything together. I awoke at like… 6:30 this morning, dragged myself out of bed, started setting tables up and piling a WHOLE bunch of things that I didn’t have room for/didn’t need any more. Luckily I wasn’t just doing the sale by myself a friend and friend of friend were there to help. They also had mountains of things to contribute to the sale since I am the only one with an actual garage lol.

Over all it was hectic, but turned out to be a rather profitable day. We’re continuing the sale into Sunday and I’m hoping that a whole bunch more stuff goes. Not because I really need the extra cash or anything, but because I really don’t want to find a place to put everything back into or cart it all away to the Caring Center. I mean I’m all for donating things to the Caring Center, but getting it there is going to be a giant hassle lol. I would much rather people come and take it away for me. lol.

In other news, Kevin came down with a really scary bout of food poisoning or got bit by a nasty spider Thursday. He was shivering to the point where he actually thought he was having convulsions, and he couldn’t eat anything with out fear of throwing up. I’ve seen him sick before, but he was SCARY sick, like if he hadn’t felt better this morning I was going to throw him in the car and take him to the doctor. We originally thought it was just food poisoning because we ordered pizza in Wednesday which is the only time we’ve eaten anything out of the ordinary, and he got sick on Thursday. We had two different pizzas and I didn’t have any symptoms so it’s a possibility, but then this morning when he woke up his ring finger on his right hand was so swollen it almost looked bruised. He was messing with it at work and said it looked like an abscess so being the Mr. Fixit he is, he decided to drain it. After he drained it he noticed two little punctures.

I don’t like the fact that WHATEVER it was made him so sick but I’m kind of hoping it was just food poisoning. If it was a spider that means somewhere whether in the house or at work he ran into a brown recluse or hobo spider. The two most notorious and difficult to get rid of spiders in the Midwest. We’ll have to see what happens in the next few days with his finger… He’s feeling much better today though, so crisis averted. lol.

Anyway… it’s getting late and Nora is starting to fuss for her dinner. Until later Bloggies. 🙂