Invitation Only

So in the interest of NOT starting a crazy rumor mill I’m going to start a new blog in regards to my personal issues. This one will still be up and running, just eliminating the ultra feely posts. At least for now. Maybe once everything is said and done I’ll get them out there, but trying to be vague here is just causing miscommunication which isn’t a good thing. Part of those tangled webs I’ve entwined myself, snuggly into. lol.

Those of you who follow here that are close enough to be trusted to NOT flip out or misinterpret what I’m writing will receive an invite to my new blog, so be expecting an email or text from me some time here in the next few days. This is post is dropping during the height of my garage sale hysteria so it might not be the day you read this, but trust me.

It will be much easier to understand since I can use real names and not nicknames or just vague references, and you can comment freely with out fear of public backlash. It’s nothing you invitees haven’t already heard, but it will eliminate a lot of the confusion and “Is this for me? No, it’s not about me. Or IS it?” that comes up here sometimes. šŸ™‚

For the rest of you, look forward to a whole bunch of shenanigans from the garage sale here in a day or two. Until later Bloggies! šŸ™‚