Well That Didn’t Last Very Long

Yet another suspicious death in good old Nowheresville. This one is right down the street from Kevin’s mom’s house. Well at least that’s where they found the body. In a ditch, with massive head trauma. Of course he was last seen at a seedy little bar in town so one can only assume an altercation there was what lead to the poor man’s demise. Still 63 years old, dumped in a ditch to die. WTF is wrong with people around here lately?! Unless it’s just the same people who haven’t been charged with anything officially yet, which is what I’m hoping the case is. I mean I don’t want anyone else to get hurt, but it would give me at least a little more piece of mind if it was just a few crazy people, and not the entire town going nuts.

I think I forgot to mention this because it was before I left for my vacation and everything was really hectic, but Nora and I went to grab a bite to eat two Friday’s ago, and while we were taking our seat this older guy starts screaming at this family quietly minding their own business. Like this guy FLIPPED out because he was sitting next to the window and the family happened to be looking out the window. They had a young boy with them, he was probably 9 maybe 10, and I guess he might have been starting at the crazy man. I was minding my own business and trying to feed Nora with out making too much of a mess, but after the Crazy Guy started screaming and the family responded I was kind of in the middle of it. The little boy was Autistic, which made Crazy Man even MORE mad. If Crazy hadn’t been walking out the door I would have stood up and told him to calm down, but since he was just pitching a fit as he was leaving I didn’t feel the need to get involved. Especially since I had Nora. If I had been by myself it would have been one thing, but since Crazy was flipping out and screaming at this poor little boy I did’t want to turn his attention toward Nora. Because if he had turned his wrath on Nora I wouldn’t have reacted nearly as calmly as the parents of the boy. lol. My fight or flight has a little too much fight in it for my own good.

So there was that whole incident, and then we have people turning up dead. Yep my peace of mind has pretty much gone right back out the window.

In other news, I had to laugh the other day. I went to the store to go get some almond milk for Nora. She will drink any brand, but she REALLY LOVES the Simple Truth brand from Kroger’s. It’s her favorite, and it’s less expensive than the Blue Diamond, or Silk brands so that’s what we buy. It’s Kroger’s Organic brand, so it’s ONLY available there. Nora wasn’t having the best day, she didn’t sleep well the night before and her teeth were really bothering her so I put off leaving the house as long as possible but we had a lot of other errands to run and all of those had to be done before 4pm so we reluctantly climbed in the car and headed out. We made our other stops and were prepared for a quick in and out trip at Kroger’s. I pulled into the parking lot, which was rather empty for a Monday afternoon, but I didn’t think too much of it. I was just thankful that I wouldn’t have to worry about dealing with a whole bunch of people. Nope, not lucky. They were CLOSED. According to the employee who caught me in the parking lot before I went up to the door it was due to a power outage which is really odd since the rest of the block had power, but it couldn’t be helped. I mean if they had people out in the parking lot it’s not like I could just barge in. lol. Plus if the power really was out I didn’t want to go buy milk almond or otherwise because it would be warm.

I was pretty mad at first because I needed something from KROGER’S. I couldn’t just go next door to another market and buy whatever, but then I really just had to laugh. That’s what I get for complaining about shopping all the time. We ended up driving out of town to the next closest Kroger’s. It was out of our way, but we stopped in and had dinner with a few friends so it worked out in the end.

Anyway, I have a lot to do around the house today. Until later Bloggies 🙂

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  1. I really love their Simple Truth. It’s so much less expensive than the national organic brands, with all the same benefits!! It’s a shame they only have it at Kroger’s lol


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