Off the Wall

My dreams the past two nights have just been completely off the wall. I’m glad I’m having dreams again for the fact that I am actually SLEEPING again, but wow. lol. My mind has gone some really weird places.

The one I really remember, was all of my family gathered together and Kevin’s mom’s house. We were having a bonfire or something and Kevin had his amp set up as a sound system and this song kept playing over and over on a loop. I kept trying to go change it but for some reason it would ONLY play that song. I had traveled there with my parents for some reason which is weird. My van was also sitting in the back yard with the front end missing. This was really distressing because I had accumulated a whole bunch of stuff that wouldn’t fit into the car we came in. So I needed to get my van put back together.

Then somehow we ended up in a hospital looking for a doctor. I’m not sure why or how we immediately went from the farmesc/ranch thing to the hospital. We had to walk since the car was out of commission and on the way we managed to take these awesome pictures of random sculptures scattered through out the city. I don’t know what city we were  in as nothing looked familiar. Not even the hospital looked familiar. I mean it was all a dream, but you know how you can kind of tell where you are even though it’s a dream? Yep. We never did find who/what we were looking for at the hospital.

In the next instant we were driving, me and this random group of relatives and friends. Nora wasn’t with me, but we were going to pick her up. We were driving through these fields that were all brown and dry. They had been harvested and it was cold out as we were all wearing jackets. We drove to the ocean where there were a whole bunch more of these sculptures. They were creepy because it looked like people had just been tossed into bronze and then set up places. The ones on the beach were exceptionally haunting because of the pain written across their faces.

Then we walked back over a sand dune and we were back at the farm. My van was put back together and we were all ready to go home. The song was still playing, but it was just the chorus. At this point my brain went: Gee I bet your phone is ringing you should probably wake up.

So I did wake up, even though I don’t have that song as a ringtone. In fact I’d never even heard it until it shuffled through my Spotify last night. I don’t know why it stuck with me. lol. I’m pretty sure I actually skipped through it half way in. The mind does strange things that’s for sure. lol.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the rest of my day. It’s kind of overcast and gloomy here today. It’s really nice out temperature wise, so I guess Nora and I might go out to the park or something. Maybe for a walk? I need to finish cleaning the bathrooms but I’m procrastinating. No one really ENJOYS cleaning bathrooms, right? I need to do dishes too… lol. Maybe if I keep listing out all these things I need to do my Cleaning Fairy will come by and I won’t have to do it? One can only hope.

Time to get busy Bloggies. 🙂 Until later!

2 thoughts on “Off the Wall

  1. Two dreams to throw back atcha. First one, I was at my old job, me and some dude I didn’t know came to the boss and said we had just finished the task we’d been tearing around doing (in the part of the dream I don’t remember). He sent the other guy to another department, and then just sat down at his desk, looking as if he had nothing left for me to do. So I said, “So, I take it the armpits have fallen off the a-hole?” (The old a-holes and armpits thing, doncha know). Probably one of my best dream-lines I actually remembered.

    Second one is the old familiar scenario- I’m about to leave this restaurant and can’t find my car. Look around, catch a glimpse of it, but when I get there it isn’t there. S. So I says, if this is a dream, then I should just grab the best looking hot rod in the lot. I pick one out, aim my finger as if it were the lock fob, and it pops open! Seconds later I’m tearing around upper BFE like a madman, loving every minute of it!


  2. You know, it’s funny you replied to this because Kevin had a dream about a guy walking a beagle around in our front yard taking pictures! lol As far as I know he’s never visited your blog. Must have been something in the air over Indiana last night!


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