Chores, Domestic and Other

So I wrote this whole post this morning and it was really ranty and negative and complainy so I deleted it. I’m trying so hard not to be negative and ranty all the time, but things are just weighing me down so much right now. I feel completely squelched, and defeated. All I want to do is run around screaming like a lunatic honestly lol. Unfortunately I can’t do that, so I’m trying to busy myself with other things. Even that is getting a bit harder to do since the grass is going into winter hibernation mode and hasn’t really grown at all over the past three weeks. I’m going to mow it one more time and I think that’s going to be the last of the season. I guess it could perk up a bit again since we’re supposed to get rain all week this week, but I don’t think it will. 

I have a lot of stuff to try to get ready inside the house both for the massive garage sale I have planned this weekend, and before Nora’s birthday party next month. Yes, my Little will be an entire year old in just a matter of weeks. I was going through the close section trying to pick out some fallish things since it’s gotten pretty cool here recently and looking through the sizes the clothes look so BIG compared to the teeny little newborn clothes. I mean a pair of 12month jeans are almost twice the size of a newborn onesie. lol. It’s awesome because that means she’s healthy and growing, and a little sad too. My baby isn’t such a baby anymore, she’s turned into this tiny little person. It’s simultaneously the best and worst feeling ever. lol. I keep teasing Kevin and saying: “Oh, she’s not a wittle baby any more, she’s gotten so big! She doesn’t need me anymore! Time for another one!” To which he usually replies with a nervous laugh, or an “Ooooh maaaaybe.” lol. 

I suppose I should stop writing about all of these things that need to be done and actually go do them before it gets too late. I also have to run to the post office and insurance company here before it gets too late. Until later Bloggies! 🙂


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