It’s Not So Bad

I was still in panic mode after arriving home yesterday until I got to actually see Kevin. Once I saw Kevin I remembered WHY I put up with Nowheresville shenanigans in the first place, and everything calmed down a little bit. I still didn’t have the whole relief of being home after being away feeling, but I at least stopped freaking out and no longer want to run away. lol.

I did come home to a wonderfully clean house, and a surprise Just Because present from Kevin. It’s this really awesome necklace made out of a Blue Morpho wing. Blue Morphos are the really bright pearlescent blue butterflies. They come the tropical regions of South America and are one of the things that the Amazonia region is known for. I didn’t actually get to SEE any while I was in Brazil, but I’ve always loved them just because they are shiny and neon blue lol. It’s handmade and really awesome.


Aaaaaaaaaaaanny way… I’m going to go and hang out with my Hubs this afternoon. 🙂 Until later Bloggies.

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