I’m Kind of Freaking Out

I miss Kevin SO much, I really honestly truly miss him, but I am kind of freaking out about going home to Nowheresville. I know I complain about it a lot, but I didn’t realize how much I really DO NOT LIKE IT until spending a week away. It’s really disappointing and sad because our house is amazing, Kevin’s job is amazing, KEVIN is amazing, but I am seriously dreading going back. I know I have to, but wow do I not want to. Not even a little bit. Well not to LIVE, I want to be with Kevin obviously, but I really just want Kevin to come here. UGH.

So I’m kind of having a bit of a crisis right now and lots of anxiety. My brain is frazzled again and it’s just going to have to be something I really need to work on. Being content where I’m supposed to be I mean. It might be stemming from my other issues too. The other issues which I can’t fix unless I’m home, which is causing issues. lol. I’m pretty much a hot mess right now.

Being responsible and making adult decisions really sucks some times lol. On one hand I wish I was young, dumb and free again, but then again when I was young, dumb and free I was also lonely and unfulfilled. Now I’ve at least reached a good portion of my goals and have a direction to my life. I don’t know… I’m pretty tired and not really thinking clearly. There are words in my brain, but they don’t want to come out on the blog!! lol. I guess I should take this as my cue to go to sleep and get ready for the trek back home tomorrow. Until later Bloggies. 🙂