Friends, Old and New-ish

On a more positive note about the end of my trip… I got to see a lot of people while I was in Ohio. I actually got to meet an acquaintance who I’ve been internet friends with forever, and spend lots of quality time with B my friend from school.

It’s kind of a funny ironic story about how I met my Internet Friend. Some girl I used to hang out with when I first moved to Nowheresville up and moved to Ohio or back to Ohio or something. She ended up in Ohio and started a Facebook to keep in touch with everyone back home. She wasn’t ultra computer literate but she tried. I guess she was friending people and friended this girl whom she thought was some one else, but in the awkwardly and completely socially acceptable way internet friendships work they got to know each other. Then we were supposed to get together last summer? Two summers ago? A few summers ago? Some point during some summer traveling Kevin and I did we were all supposed to meet up. In order to facilitate things I added Internet Friend and started chatting with her. We never got together and I can’t remember exactly why, then the other girl up and got married and deleted her Facebook and fell off the face of the Earth. lol.

Again, in the completely awkward yet socially acceptable way of Facebook we got to know each other.  I guess we’ve been on each other’s Facebook for years now and didn’t realize it until I just recently found out that Internet Friend is apparently good friends with my ex and his wife. THAT took things to a whole new level of awkward especially since I had no idea lol. I mean it’s one thing to be friends with the people I got to know when we were dating, but to randomly “meet” some one on the internet who happens to know him? lol. Yeah. I personally thought it was hilarious since that’s kind of how my life works, but it was still kind of weird.

Time went by, and it came about that Internet Friend and her husband were having trouble with the electric fixtures in their apartment. I found a box of lamps that we didn’t need when we were unpacking and offered to drop them off, she accepted and I went over there yesterday to drop them off. I did’t get to stay very long because my GPS decided to take me the completely wrong way and I ended up driving around for half an hour looking for the apartment, but I got to meet her like in person and it was awesome. lol. She is the first person…oh no… I lied. She is only the third person I’ve ever met face to face from the vast world of the interwebs. I wish we could have like hung out more instead of doing a weird semi drug dealesc lamp exchange. lol. Oh well… nothing could make it more awkward than it was so we’ll have to try again next time I’m in town.

I didn’t get a chance to reconnect with a lot of my other friends from years past which I had wanted to do, but life got in the way and we didn’t have a chance. Noooooooooo, not him, OTHER people whom I’ve not talked to in forever. If I had tried a little harder I probably could have made it happen, but I didn’t feel like running all over the city touring various restaurants until I found them. My phone has NOT been cooperating at all this trip, or I would have just called like a normal person lol. I’m hoping it’s just TMobile updating our service or something because it’s not just my phone. Kevin’s phone was having problems 200 miles away. Or maybe there was a solar storm or something? Either way, my phone would randomly lose service for up to hours at a time. I would have bars but nothing would send or receive. It was really annoying.

Anyway Bloggies, I have a long drive ahead of me. Until later!! 🙂