They Call Me Random, Completely Random

I had planned on staying in with the Little yesterday, but instead my friend from back home decided to drive down because she’d never been to Cincinnati before. lol. I was like well okay, so once she got here we went out and about all over the place. I was trying to think of all things that Cincinnati is known for, which is really hard since I’ve lived here a good chunk of my life lol. We didn’t have the money or time to go to Kings Island (plus we’re not really die hard coaster fans) I had Nora so I didn’t really want to go traipsing around down town, which left us with exploring up this way. 

We decided to go to LaRosa’s because that was the most Cincinnati thing I could think of since they have Skyline’s back home, and then headed over to Jungle Jim’s the most absolutely amazing grocery store in the country. No, seriously, it’s been on the travel channel and all sorts of news stuff about being so awesome. lol. They opened a new store on the East side, but I’ve heard it isn’t nearly as exciting so we went to the original. It was Nora’s first time to actually go in and she wasn’t really impressed. She did try to grab several six packs as we walked through the beer section, and also pitched a fit when I wouldn’t let her hold my iced Chai. lol. After that she was pretty much bored and done with the whole shopping experience. She was really tired too since we started our adventure around nap time. 

We headed back to my parents house because my friend bought some cheese that needed to be refrigerated. While driving down Route 4 trying to avoid crazy detours and construction I happened to notice the tattoo place my friend really liked ages ago was still open. I yelled: “It’s still open!!” and turned around making a bee line for the parking lot. lol. I’ve been talking about getting my nose pierced for ages, but have never had the money or gusto to go do it. Partially because most people told me horror stories about how much it absolutely hurts worse than anything else they’ve ever had done, and partially because I was still up in the air about finishing the other side of my lip. I jumped out of the car, walked in the door and waited patiently for some one to come up and assist me. I knew I was getting something done, but I was still completely undecided until the guy walked around the corner and asked what he could do for me. I made a snap decision to get my nose done and voila a few minutes later I walked out with a shiny new nose stud. lol. 

So far it’s been the LEAST painful, and absolutely EASIEST piercing I’ve ever had. I’ve sneezed, and Nora has bopped me a few times and nothing. No pain, no swelling, nothing. lol. It’s like the stud BELONGS there or something. It was just so easy. Very random, but I’m really glad I did it. I think it’s my favorite. AND it balances out my symmetry completely. I am now evenly pierced and tattooed on the left and right sides of my body lol. (remember me mentioning I have issues a few posts ago? Yeah…) After that little detour we made it to my parents house, dropped off the baby and headed up to the “new” outlet mall just North of town. I say “new” because they’ve been there for years, but until this week I haven’t had a chance or felt like getting up there to walk around. They were new to me!

So many good deals up that way, but I spent the last of my spending money on my nose so… I’ll just have to come back next time to take advantage of the awesome sales. After that my friend dropped me off at my parent’s house and headed back home. I put Nora to bed and then headed back out to get some saline solution. I didn’t think anything about it until this morning, but apparently when my dad was getting Nora ready for bed he accidentally grabbed a SWIM diaper instead of a regular diaper. Those of you who are parents know what that means.

This morning I woke up to a completely urine soaked bed and very unhappy urine soaked baby. I immediately scooped her up and stuck her in the tub to get her cleaned off in the process getting myself covered in all sorts of unpleasantness. Which normally wouldn’t have been a problem except it was my last clean outfit lol. I am currently rocking some of my mom’s clothes while mine are in the wash. Comfy for sure, but not the most stylish or age appropriate things to be wearing. lol. It was a GREAT way to wake up this morning, but it’s all part of being a mom and I love it. 🙂

Ooo! The washer is done. Time to put the clothes in the dryer so I can actually go out in public today. lol. Until later Bloggies. 🙂