They Got Him!!

My neighborhood is now officially creeper free!! They caught the guy who was hiding out, AND the creepy truck was some how connected to him so they took care of that problem too!! *happy dance* I’m kind of excited to go home now. lol. Before I was all like: Eeeeeeeeeh…. I need to go home to be with Kevin, but I really didn’t WANT to go back until they caught the guy.  So now we have the best of both worlds!! I can go be with Kevin, and I don’t have to worry about creepers! Well at least scary dangerous creepers. lol.

I don’t really have much else to say today since we haven’t really done anything super exciting. We don’t have any plans for the day so far and I think I might just stay in and hang out with Nora. I haven’t really seen much of her this week since my sisters and parents have been busy cooing and gooing over her. It’s been a wonderful break from all of the responsibility, but at the same time I miss her. lol. Maybe we’ll go out and do something just the two of us today. She’s so young I don’t really exactly know WHAT we would go do, but we’ll figure something out. lol. Wednesday is usually our swimming day… I’ll have to find her some water somewhere, or go for a nice long walk at the park. 

lol. A glimpse into my thought process there Bloggies. She is currently flying around in her walker getting into trouble so I better go. lol. Until later! 🙂