Creepy McCreeperson

So I met up with a friend from school this morning. She has a business where she distributes those little door hanger things and was trying to find some people to help her. I wasn’t doing anything else, felt like I could use the exercise, and wanted to do something completely spontaneous. So I crept around neighborhoods for a few hours hanging door hangers. lol.

When I got up it was only 54F outside so I dressed in long pants, a jacket and my warm comfy yoga clothes thinking to myself: “Oh it’s early enough that it won’t be super warm before I get finished.” HA! About half an hour in I had to lose the jacket and roll up my pants lol. Not only was I driving my parent’s obnoxious construction yellow chevy, but I looked like a complete bum carting around these door hangers through random yards. lol. I pressed through, finishing my assignment, but wow. If I had walked up to MY door I would have been in a panic… but that’s probably rooted in some other issues I’ve recently discovered about myself.

I’ve been debating on whether to blog about them or not because I don’t really want to scare anyone, or worry anyone, but lets just say that I’m going to be seeking out treatment for my new found issues here in the up coming weeks/months. I’m relatively certain I’ve had these issues for a very long time but until I started on my Journey to Self Discovery I hadn’t noticed them. Well and before I married Kevin and had Nora my issues only affected MYSELF, now that I have my little mirror that is Nora and Kevin who spends all of his free time with me I have started to see how my issues are affecting others.

It’s been a really eye opening and difficult month here lol. For both Kevin and I honestly. We’ve both grown and recognized things about ourselves and our marriage that could use a little tweaking and fixing. It’s a good thing and I’m glad we were able to do this now relatively early in our marriage instead of waiting ten or so years down the road when we both just couldn’t stand it anymore and started lashing out in anger or just packed up and left or something crazy like that.

It feels really good to actually be able to TALK to Kevin and know that he is just as committed to making this thing work as I am. We went through a little awkward rough patch at the beginning of all of this, but now it’s so much better. My marriage has always been my top priority through all of this. I mean really, that’s been the goal the entire time. Coaxing Kevin out of his shell and fixing underlaying festering issues that have been around since before we met. It’s working!! lol.

And now I’m going to go recover from my hand bill shenanigans and snuggle with my Little. My sister put her to sleep last night and I went to go to my handbill stuff before she woke up, and NOW she’s napping. lol. I haven’t had a good Nora snuggle yet today. Until later Bloggies! πŸ™‚

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  1. Or a foolish heart, depending the circumstances. Thank you for the encouragement. I really appreciate it. πŸ™‚


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