Already Feeling Better

Aside from missing Kevin like crazy, this little time away from home has done WONDERS for me. I’m already feeling 98% better. My stress level is practically non existent and it’s just awesome. lol.

Last night I went and enjoyed some delicious Grater’s ice cream with a friend I haven’t really seen in like four years, and came back to my parents house and sat on the patio. It was like 10pm, perfect weather, and the bugs and frogs were singing. The only way it could have been better is if Kevin had been with me. lol. My sister managed to get Nora to sleep with out issue so after that I fell asleep at the amazingly early time of 11pm lol. I slept pretty well considering, and this morning when we woke up I met up with my friend yet again and we went to visit her grandma in Dayton. 

It was kind of surprising how much has NOT changed about that area. I mean there are little things here and there that have changed but it’s basically the exact same. I haven’t really been up that way in like… seven years, and everything was exactly as I left it. lol. We didn’t really explore too much, but what I saw was like a time capsule or something. lol. I guess you could say it was refreshingly nostalgic. I’m not sure what our plans for tomorrow include other than heading West to Jungle Jim’s and Ikea… I guess really that could turn into an all day affair… meh. 

Anyway… it’s time for the Little to eat, and I need to go for a walk after the AMAZING breakfast I had this morning. Until later Bloggies! 🙂