Oh, Y’know

Friday before I left for Ohio I discovered why the police have been all over our neighborhood recently. It’s just your friendly neighborhood attempted murderer stalking around in between houses after dark and trying to finish his attempt. No big deal right? HA! With the knock on my door after 10, and the rustling we’ve been hearing out side our windows plus the neighbor’s dog going nutso at random times? UGH.

Then there’s the two creeper people who followed my neighbor home and started taking pictures of her two year old. They reappeared Friday afternoon as well. I was out side spray painting our third attempt at lawn decor on the front patio when they creeped by at a snails pace, and proceeded to stop at the stop sign waaaaaaaaaaay too long. They did this twice before I looked up to see what was going on. As soon as they saw me looking their direction they sped off.

My quiet peaceful little neighborhood has gone to hell in a hand basket this month Bloggies. I mean I always complain about the normal small town-ness of Nowheresville, but now I’m really nervous about being home alone with Nora all day. Especially with some crazy attempted killer that the police can’t find lurking somewhere. There are still a lot of empty houses on the block in various stages of remodel and sale. He’s been hiding from police for almost a week, and still shows up EVERY NIGHT to stalk his target who happens to be a pregnant woman. I don’t know if she was his girlfriend or what, but SHE IS A PREGNANT WOMAN. While not pregnant, I am a woman with a small child. If he thinks he can beat on a pregnant lady, he’s not going to stop and think twice if he really wants to get into our house while Kevin is at work.

So there’s that. Hopefully they catch him while I’m out of town this week. If not? Hopefully he moves on to terrorize some other neighborhood. Not that I wish that on any one else, but I have to catch a break here, and I feel really bad for the poor lady. They just moved into the neighborhood two months ago, and we kind of knew they would be trouble because the first day they were at the house the police were called for a domestic thing. I just didn’t expect it to be to the point where the entire neighborhood was in danger. *sigh*

It’s a completely random and isolated event. Most of my neighbors have their quirks, but they’re not BAD people. This guy just happens to be a bad egg and once the police catch up with him things will calm down again. I KNOW this, but my Mama Bear hormones are coursing through my veins and turning me into a jittery nervous wreck. I am a nervous cleaner, and my house is SPOTLESS. lol. With out things to clean I don’t know where I’m going to expend my nervous energy. lol. I guess I could start exercising again like I’m supposed to? Something lol. Oh well. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

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