A Patient Man

I’m so glad I married a patient man, because I really have a tendency to get wrapped up in other things and kind of ignore him some times. lol. It’s not intentional, but I have trouble spreading my attention across too many things. It’s amazing I remember to take care of Nora most days honestly lol. I can barely remember to take care of my self so remembering to take care of other people can be a challenge.

He just told me this morning that he was glad I was in a good mood again because I had been in a bad mood for like three months. Which makes sense I guess, I had been very distracted with brooding and bubbling feelings, but I hadn’t realized that I had been brooding for THAT long, and now that I think about it I don’t even know WHY or what started it. What happened three months ago Bloggies? lol.

I’m just supremely thankful that Kevin puts up with me and all of my shenanigans. I know I can be a bit of a handful… well pretty much all the time. lol. It makes me entertaining, or so I’ve been told. lol. He loves me. ❤

In other news, we have been having problems with random animals and people showing up on our door step after 10pm trying to get into our house. For the past two nights actually. The first we assume was Charlie the One Eyed Owl after a rabbit. He didn’t actually TRY to get in so much as accidentally run into the house while he was after his dinner. He tore off a gutter, bent some siding, and left his leftovers behind our fence. At least I hope it was Charlie because with his one eye it’s excusable. If it was another owl or bird of prey that’s just scary that they’re hunting small things and can’t really see.

Last night we had a drunk sounding knock on the front door. I didn’t answer it, but it was really unusual to have ANYONE knocking on the door after 10pm let alone a drunken knock. I immediately started texting people looking to see if it was some one I knew, but it wasn’t. One of my neighbors did look down to our house and check for creepers and she didn’t see any one. I assume it was some one who went to the wrong house after one too many drinks. Either one of my other neighbors not paying attention or a guest showing up on the wrong door step. I didn’t hear a car pull up, but all of the dogs in the neighborhood were going crazy.

It doesn’t really bother me so much since I have a closet full of various things to defend myself with, but it sets off every ounce of Mama Bear Rage, especially when Nora is sleeping in another room. lol. It’s amazing how that little switch flips when you perceive your children are in danger and you just go all kinds of crazy. lol. Which is QUITE intimidating when I’m already kind of off. 😉

Anyway… I need to go to the store and get packing for our trip this weekend. Until later Bloggies! 🙂