And The Bad News

Life is certainly doing it’s best to keep me humble that’s for sure. People think it’s my emotions that I can’t get under control, and to that I say: “WELL WHEN LIFE GETS UNDER CONTROL MAYBE MY EMOTIONS WON’T BE ALL OVER THE PLACE.” Except generally not screaming, but there have been times when I have actually screamed. Blah, this post is very babbly because I’m really tired.

Anyway to the point: my uncle passed away Tuesday afternoon. Right after I get all excited about Kevin’s promotion and things looking up. I’m sad, but I can’t be too sad since I didn’t have the chance to REALLY get to know him. Only coming back for a visit every two years for a week or two when you are young and not really paying attention doesn’t afford you a lot of time to get to know some one. I do remember that  entire side of the family has always made me feel at home regardless of how infrequently we got to spend time together. Which says a whole lot in the days before Facebook.

SO I’ve decided to take a break from life for a while. Nora and I are going to stay in Ohio for a few days and I’m going to spend time with a friend I haven’t seen in ages just doing girl stuff which I rarely get to do here in the Hoosier State. Kevin and I are coming down for the weekend for a family get together thing with my mom’s side of the family and Nora and I are going to stay behind until we feel like coming home lol.  My mom is being difficult again so it might not be much longer than the weekend, but I’m hoping I can at least get a week away from most of my responsibilities.

It’s coming up on August here too and the crazies are out in Nowheresville. No, I mean LITERAL crazies. All the really terrible crimes happen in late July through mid August when the peak of summer traffic is coming through town. We’ve already found two bodies, had two robberies, and several unexplained explosions this week alone. That, and some one seriously messed up with a drug lord somewhere because people are getting shot left and right on the East Side of Indy, and it’s starting to work it’s way North. So far no innocent by standers have been harmed, but I don’t really want to stick around and risk being the victim of a drive by to the wrong address. Especially since no one can seem to keep our address and my neighbors address straight.

Things will all go back to normal when school is back in session and the summer travelers are gone for the year. It happens this way all the time. Summer is just crazy around here. lol. It’s almost like we’re a tourist town just because we sit off the interstate or something. We don’t even have any sights to see, but a lot of people stop in before they hit Indy, or on their way home from Indy. Meh. I’m not going to worry about it, but I AM going to go to bed. It’s late and I’m exhausted and rambling. Until later Bloggies. 🙂