To The Extreme

You all know how I love pinching pennies every where I can. I try my best to be frugal to the max, especially since I’m not working, but this extreme cuponing thing? Yeah. It irks me to NO end. Especially locally. Our stores just can NOT keep up with demand as it is, and now we have people buying 800 of one item just to save a few pennies. You know, it wouldn’t even be so bad if it wasn’t the most random items that The House of Hale only needs once a month, or once every few months. Like shaving cream. I don’t CARE if you buy 30 with this cupon that you’ll get $.50 cash back, I only need one. One will last me like six months and it’s only $2 to start with.

Another problem the extreme cuponing presents locally is the fact that once things are missing off of the store shelves people go looking for them else where. We have a local garage sale internet site where you can post items you want to sell and people will post their interest etc. It’s like a local eBay with out bids basically. There have always been people selling items they purchased too many of, especially baby food, formula, and all of that, but NOW these extreme cupon people are swooping in, buying all of these items, then turning around and selling them for inflated prices. You know what’s worse than that? People are BUYING them because the store shelves are empty. I mean really, it’s an ingenius plan on the cuponers part, but at some point you have to stop taking advantage of your neighbors. Eventually people are going to catch on to the scheme and then no one will have anything in town anymore.

I love my husband, I love my daughter, I love my house, but I am getting fed up with Nowheresville. It’s not even INDIANA that is the problem. It’s just here, but it’s where Kevin wants to be and because it’s annoying me sooooooooo much recently there is probably a lesson somewhere in the fact that I’m stuck here. lol. I realize this, and I know I shouldn’t be complaining about it so much. Sometimes it just gets the best of me Bloggies.  I think I need a vacation. Like an extended stay away from Nowheresville for a while, but Kevin doesn’t have any vacation days left after September and it’s too late to put in a request for anything sooner. I guess Nora and I could go somewhere, but then I will just be missing Kevin terribly and still not be able to relax lol. Meh, we’ll figure it out I guess.

Anyway, it’s the weekend!! I’m off to enjoy the company of my Hubs. 🙂 Until later Bloggies!

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2 thoughts on “To The Extreme

  1. Actually, the baby food jars and cereal… Half them get it free from WIC and they still sell it. I seen a lady at the store the other day… Used her WIC vouchers and next day it was all up on line for sale. It’s disgusting, I use coupons but not to buy a million of the same product


  2. Exactly. Cuponning is awesome! WIC is awesome! WHEN USED PROPERLY. The people who take advantage of things are what get on my nerves.


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